How to make a witch costume

It is possible to make little time for Halloween, or you have any dress party and you don’t know what to wear. Home-made costumes are more creative and often the best option. In addition this dress are very economical. At misterhow we will show you how to make a witch costume. This costume is easy to make because it does not require many resources.

Before you begin to make a witch costume you have to know how you want to look. Fun, sensual, sexy or a witch that scared?

This costume is a classic in any dress party, and is very easy to make at home. At misterhow we show you how to make a witch costume. But a traditional witch costume.

Remember that the witch, along with pumpkin, are the most representative symbols in Halloween parties. What today we know as Halloween is a celebration that comes as part of different rituals and symbols throughout history.

We’d like to share with you a curiosity about the witches. There is a legend that tells that witches met twice per year, convened by the demon. Those days were on April 30 and October 31. So another name that receives the Halloween´s day is witches day. For many, this day gives the Welcome to the new year of the witchcraft. There are many real stories and legends that give origin to this day.

What do you need for How to make a witch costume?

  • Black dress.
  • Black shoes.
  • 2 black cardboards.
  • Silver paper to make the stars or spiders (optional).
  • Broom
  • Pendants and earrings in the form of cats and pumpkins (optional).
  • Black and gray wool.
  • Black makeup.

Instructions for How to make a witch costume

  1. The dress. You need a black dress or a skirt and a black shirt. Is very probably you have any of these two options in your wardrobe, because this outfits are basic in the woman wardrobe. If you don’t have a dress or a black skirt, surely a friend will lend you something. The length of the dress depends on your taste and what you want to achieve. You use a short dress if you want to be sexy or a longer if you want to look like a traditional witch.dress
  2. Shoes. For this costume you need black boots with tip and some high heels. If you don’t have boots, use black
  3. Hat. To make your own witch hat you need two black cards of size dina3. Take one and wrap it forming a cone. Do it to the extent of your head. Paste it with glue and short the part of cardboard that you don´t nedd. Get a round base with the other card that is slightly larger than the wide part of the cone that you make it. Cut a hole in the center of the size of your head. Paste the base and cone. You can paste, stars or chandeliers made with some silver paper. Get two holes on the sides of the hat to put a strip or black rubber band. So the hat will not fall off you.hat
  4. Hair. You have 3 options. Ruffles your hair and take a little talcum powder. Buy a wig or make your own wig with wool gray mixed with black gray. Cut the wool with the length you want and paste it into the hat with glue. It is recommended that you do it by sections. If you opt by the last option, you remind that your hair should be collected and hidden under the hat.
  5. Makeup. You use a clear base. Remember that witches don´t like the sun. Make up the eyes with dark colour. Use black shadows and black pencil. Paint your lips with black lipstick or darker lipstick you have.
  6. An additional accessory. You can take a pendant with a skull, a pumpkin, or a cat.
  7. Wart. If you want you can paint a wart on the face.
  8. Broom. Take the broom of your home and you will have finished your witch costume. Also you can buy one that you like more because it are economic.

Tips for How to make a witch costume

  • If you want, you can buy a witch costume in a costume store. There you will find different types. But the costumes home-made are good alternatives, more economic and more imaginative.
  • If you prefer to wear a trousers, you can do it without any problem. Remember that should be a black trouser.
  • Remember that these are only guidelines, you can take your creativity to make your witch costume.
  • You can paint your skin green.How to make a witch costume
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