When it is celebrated the mother’s day

Mother’s day is a very special celebration that is celebrated all over the world. This celebration has much history. Currently the most normal thing is that day the families make a private party with their mothers. However this celebration has its origin from the meetings of mothers who were in the middle of the 19th century. These meetings were known with the name Mother’s Friendship Day and Mother’s Day Meeting. During these events the mothers of 19th century gathered and talked about different issues today.

When it is celebrated the mother's day

However, the mother´s day is a party that has more history and it is back more beyond of the century XIX and even of the century XVIII. The first mother´s day have over 2000 and they was celebrated in Greek period. In this time had various festivities in honour of the Rhea goddess. She was the mother of the most important gods of the Greek pantheon: Poseidon, Hades and Zeus.

Some centuries later the Romans continued with these celebrations. In this case the romans surrendered honors the Hilaria goddess, which she was the same goddess which rendered honors the Greeks but with other name. These festivities were held for three consecutive days in which were made offerings. The celebrations began on March, 15 in the temple dedicated to the Cibeles goddess.

With the Catholicism triumph the party was associated with the Virgin Mary, the Jesus Christ mother. For this reason, the mother’s day moved to December 8. Today on this day is the celebration of the Inmaculada Concepción. The mother´s day continued performing is the 8 of December in the Christian World until the century XVII. At this time in England began to celebrate the mother’s Sunday. In these celebration the children went to mass and returning to house with gifts for their mothers.

It was in the year 1907, when the date of the mother’s day was changed to the current. This happened because Ana Jervis, the May 12 of the same year, and coinciding with the second anniversary of the mother´s death. She organized the mother’s day that began to be held every second Sunday of the month of May since then. Over the years the Festival gained popularity and their celebration was extended to the United States. In few years the mother´s day began to celebrate it in all the world. If you want to know when is celebrated the the mother´s day in the world, you pay attention to the next post

What do you need

  • A calendar


  1. Spain: in Spain the mother’s day takes place the first May Sunday since 1965, when this day was moved. Prior to this date in Spain the mother’s day is celebrated on December 8, following the Catholic tradition.When it is celebrated the mother's day
  2. United States, Germany, Greece and most of the countries: as we have mentioned in the introduction of this article, in most of the countries the mother’s day is celebrated the second May Sunday.When it is celebrated the mother's day
  3. Paraguay: in this country the mother´s day is the same day of the independence, on May 30, because mother’s day is associated with the mother country.When it is celebrated the mother's day
  4. Panama: it is the only country that continues to celebrate December 8 mother’s day, coinciding with the Catholic celebration of Inmaculada Concepción.


  • Remember that the celebration of mother’s day varies depending on which country we are. For this reason you must be very attentive to the calendar and ensure you of that randomly with the day in that the celebration has place in your country.
  • Here you can learn how Mother´s day is celebrated in Spain.

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