The best nightclubs in the world

Already is coming the end of holidays in the world. Soon we will return to the routine of work and studies, and the party moments will be back in the villages during the summer holidays.

But there is something that cannot be removed, that is the weekend where we can visit nightclubs and when we go out by a multitude of festivals throughout the year. So be calm because the party does not end.

But we are sure that you want to enjoy your holidays last days, and the best way to say goodbye the summer is going to the best nightclubs in the world.

If you want to know what are the best nightclubs of the world, from you will offer this article so that you find out.

What do you need

  • Spend some money
  • Want to have fun
  • Read these instructions carefully and put them into practice


  1. Space Ibiza: not could be of another way, Space Ibiza is one of the best nightclubs since many years and it is located in the best party place of the world: Ibiza. This disco has many sessions of the dj most famous in the world and if you are a lover of the party, you can go it. Carl Cox is their resident dj. Space Ibiza has a capacity of more than 3,000 people.The best nightclubs in the world: Space Ibiza
  2. Pacha Ibiza. To get to the number 2, we don’t have to travel very far. Pacha Ibiza is a legendary disco that, since the 1970s, is one of the best in the world. We have incredible djs throughout the year and it has much merchandising: t-shirts, colognes or pants, hotels and condoms. But if you want to go Pacha, yo be prepared to spend money because it is very expensive.The best nightclubs in the world: Pacha
  3. Fabric. One of the best clubs in the world, is located in London and it has great djs, like Craig Richards and Terry Francis. This nightclub is one of the best in London. In addition, like other clubs in the city, Fabric has its own compilation discs and you can preview its sessions live from the internet.The best nightclubs in the world: Fabric
  4. Green Valley. We have to cross to the other side of the pond, to the warm lands of Brazil, to get to our number 4. This Club is the best club in South America and is not for less. It has capacity for 8000 people. Often play music djs from around the world. It has a VIP room for celebrities who visit it.The best nightclubs in the world
  5. Kapital. Located in Madrid, is incredible as a discotheque can include so many different styles in an only building. Kapital has 7 floors with styles as varied as the electronics or the rap. Each floor is dedicated to a type of music. We have also a cinema and a terrace above all to enjoy good weather.The best nightclubs in the world: Kapital


  • Festivals. Each year and around the world, is celebrated festivals which are synonymous of party. First of all, we have the Tomorrowland of Belgium, in which we spend a weekend of electronic music and magical atmosphere. In Spain, there are some very famous festivals, such as the Aquasella in Asturias, the New Year University of Salamanca, the ITA in Palencia, the festival of the desert of los Monegros or certain Ibicencas parties. To get the most of these festivals you will have to buy a ticket
  • Plan your trip: If you want to go to a nightclub or a festival that is far away, it is advisable that you plan the trip and your stay in place, because is very tired go from a party to another without having slept in throughout the weekend. In some festivals and nightclubs, there are resorts near. Also you can choose for a normal hotel near the nightclub. If you are going to drive be sure to get timely and find a nearby place to rest and not driving under the influence of alcohol. If you have to return home by car you look for a driver among your friends group. If you travel in plane, you buy the ticket in advance to get cheap flights. Remember that if you travel outside the European Union you will need passport to take the plane. Finally enjoy and have fun. We wish that you finish the summer as it deserves and you recharge batteries for the hard month of September
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