The best nightclubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the cities more beautiful of our country. First, is the second largest city in the country; Second, is a city with much glamour and able of falling in love to all its visitors. Barcelona has absolutely everything: beach, has beautiful people, has highly recommended entertainment sites and some amazing restaurants.

Barcelona, also has a great night world. Its clubs are the best in the country and always offer entertainment for all tastes. Going out in Barcelona is synonymous with a magical and memorable night.

If you want to live the Barcelona night and you have no idea how to do this, you are going to offer a guide with the best nightclubs in Barcelona for you have a memorable night.

What do you need

  • Want to have fun
  • Money
  • Read this article


  1. Sala Apolo. Nighclub emblematic of the city to which you must attend. We have the club divided in two parts: the first is dedicated to performances of groups pop and rock, with live music and the second part is dedicated to the electronic music, with many performances of DJ of prestige and where you it will spend great. In this hall, you are as you are, you will have fun. If you are more than party, visit the electronic hall and if you like a more rock music go to the performance hall of groups with live music.The best nightclubs of Barcelona: sala apolo
  2. Jamboree. As I said famous rapper lyric: “Huele a quemao. En Jamboree están bailando a quemarropa”. If you like rap, this is your place. Open from Wednesday to Sunday includes groups of Spanish rap, international hip hop, black music, jazz, urban sounds and even rap club. Visit Jamboree if you like the hip hop and the rap.jamboree
  3. Cabaret Berlin. Also known as Bailen 22, is a party hall for Music is electronic and includes fun festivals such as the Copacabana. If you are gay and you like fun you, I am sure that this is your local.cabaret berlin
  4. Razzmatazz. If you like techno and electronic music you have to visit this place. The music is of high quality and there is always a lot of young people having fun.Razzmatazz
  5. BeCool. Local situated in residential area of high Standing of Barcelona. The music is electronic and includes endless sessions of electronic music, House and techno. Ideal for leaving Thursday to cool
  6. Magic Club. If you like Rock music and heavy metal, this is your place. Here you will find the best rock and the heavy is feel great. You also have live performances from national and international rock bands for special nights.magic club


  • Remember. Surely you remember the golden age of the Catalan party. The music makina sounded in many clubs and is celebrated the best parties of all Europe. Clubs as Scorpia, Pont Aeri and Xque, were party temples where the people lived memorable nights that they count to their grandchildren. By luck there are parties called Remember in which you can remember these moments. In those nights are open these fantastic clubs in which you can return to the last.
  • Tips for a better party. Well, now I’m going to play the role of father and give you some tips to avoid problems at parties. First of all you do not drink too much alcohol. All we have drunk once, but nobody likes to vomit and ending the party wiht an ethyl coma. In second place you must visit locals that is adapted to your lifestyle. A Heavy not would be to taste in a local of electronics music and vice versa. Finally do not drink if you drive because you can cause accidents. I also advise you to avoid all kinds of hard drugs, but it is your decision.
  • Other cities: If you are of another city and you like out of party in another place, you can search more articles in the party section of There you will find articles about the best clubs from other cities. Share this article on social networks if you want your friends to be aware of the best nigthclubs in Barcelona
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