The best Ibiza nightclubs

Since time ago, Ibiza has been very known by their parties. The Ibiza nightclubs have occupied the first rankings for those people that seek out of party and spend a summer dancing, listening music, drinking and seeing gogos. Ibiza is a benchmark overnight since the 1960s when the hippy movement set on this island as an area for parties on the beach.

The best Ibiza nightclubs

If Ibiza is incredible by the day, yet it is more during the night, when the island shows us a great possibilities selection for entertainment and party. The white island, in addition to having many nightclubs very known it has infinite clubs of great fame that make Ibiza nights the most special summer These clubs include: Coast Santos Club, B. for Ibiza, and KM5. In this article only we are going the nightclubs.

The best nightclubs in the world is found in Ibiza. And if we tell you this is because every year all locals make a great effort to improve their infrastructure and sound by hiring the best DJ´s and with variety shows.

There are so many options to choose in Ibiza about nightclubs, it is difficult to make a list. However, we can highlight a few so you start that route partying if you decide to discover for yourself the Ibiza party.

  • Pachá
  • Amnesia
  • Space
  • Privilege

Although in misterhows we have selected these, there are more than you can visit. Also you can enjoy of great variety of activities and surprises in the island. For example their precious Ibiza beaches.

The best Ibiza nightclubs

And since are in Ibiza we can to organize an Ibizan party so of fashion in the last years and in which enjoy with our friends. We invite you to do it. Let’s begin our tour of the best Ibiza nightclubs.


  1. Start your route by the best Ibiza nightclubs in Pachá. Is it more known of all and it name the most famous of all the Ibiza nightclubs. Pachá opened its doors in 1967 and today still part of their original style. As is of great popularity, all years goes DJ´s very famous to delight with their music to all the customers. It is a nightclub that cannot miss if you are traveling to Ibiza.The best Ibiza nightclubs
  2. Another of the best Ibiza nightclubs is Amnesia. The building has been refurbished recently. This famous nightclub opened its doors in the 1980s and became famous for make parties during the day. It had a terrace where young people danced to the Sun. Today Amnesia keeps closed two of its more large rooms. Even so, Amnesia is one of the best nightclubs in Ibiza.
  3. Before, we can go to the Space nightclub, in the beach d´en Bossa. In the 90’s and 2000 was the best of Ibiza because it remained open all day. It closed just a couple of hours to clean. Actually the local law prevent that are open so many hours. Yet Space continues offering the best house music of Ibiza.The best Ibiza nightclubs
  4. To finish, we can visit Privilege, the nightclub that gave great fame to nights of Ibiza during the years 80 and 90. It is located in a natural setting and has outdoor terraces. This nightclub is announced as “The World´s biggest Club”. He space inside is immense and although not can ensure that is it disco more large of the world, Privilege is the best Ibiza nightclubs.privilege

What do you need

  • Calendario de las fiestas en Ibiza en el año que vayas.
  • Entrada para entrar a cualquiera de las discotecas.


  • Si vamos a ir a Ibiza, sería ideal conocer un poco el lugar a la hora de movernos para organizarnos un poco las noches por las discotecas y las cosas que hacer allí una vez se tenga la oferta que se pueda disfrutar.The best Ibiza nightclubs


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