How to go for partying in Bilbao

Bilbao is one of the most known township in País Vasco. It is a picturesque place full of culture and with a lot of party. Its gastronomy is great and its clubs are very funny. Although it is not easy to find clubs in Bilbao, when you go to the sites that we are going to teach you, you will be so fascinated that you will want to go for partying in Bilbao.

If you travel to Bilbao, I promise you that you fall in love of this place. If you’ve seen enough typical tourist sites If you are tired of the typical tourist destinations, we are surely this place is for you. But you have to find a good hotel to stay.

Bilbao is a perfect place to visit with the family, a way for couples who want to have a good time. Also for singles who want to enjoy the clubs and looking for pickups or simply have fun with their friends.

To know How to go for partying in Bilbao, keep reading this post. You can make a list of the places that seem interesting after reading the article. We are going to teach you a places that you know how to go for partying in Bilbao.

What do you need for How to go for partying in Bilbao?

  • Money
  • To travel
  • Hostel or hotel

Instructions for How to go for partying in Bilbao

  1. The best entertainment places that you can find in Bilbao are in the old town. There you can find bars with delicious liqueurs and clubs where you can to dance. Local as Babylon, Azzurro and Zerua, are places where you can enjoy the rock and metal music.How to go for partying in Bilbao
  2. If you going to Bilbao visit concerts room Azkena in Ibáñez 26. Here you can enjoy of the rock music and the alternative music that you have imagined.How to go for partying in Bilbao
  3. Kafe Antzokia. If you like to dance and want to have fun in Bilbao, you can go to Kafe Antzokia. The music that listening at this club is varied.Kafe Antzokia
  4. Yandiola. Here you can enjoy a meal, but also if you want to dance, you can climb to the top of the local. There you can enjoy of the music, of drinks and cocktails in it terrace.Yandiola
  5. If you like the live music and you would like to drink some drinks, Umore Ona will love you. You can enjoy with the performances while you delight with the drinks and rock environment. Umore Ona
  6. In Indautxu you can find place like La Compañía del Ron. This place has a great variety of liquors that you’ll love.La Compañía del Ron
  7. Cotton Club. Also be located in Indautxu. It’s not very big but it is a very comfortable club. By its simplicity is even up to elegant in comparison to those common clubs. Sometimes offers live music.Cotton Club
  8. Antigua Cigarrería. It is a colorful club, perfect to invite someone for a drink.Antigua Cigarrería
  9. Corto Maltés. If you like the local themed this site is for you. You can enjoy of your drink while watching the nautical decoration inspired in the comic of Corto Maltés.Corto Maltés
  10. In the Mazarredo streets, we can find Divino Cielo. A club very visited by service and it pop music.Divino Cielo
  11. Charol. Here you can listen different types of commercial music. It is ideal for people with musical tastes diverse.
  12. Galeón. The decoration is fascinating. When you enter here you will smile of the impression. The music is current so you won’t feel nostalgic or boring.Galeón

Tips for How to go for partying in Bilbao

  • ¿Already have you chosen some of those places that you have shown? Tell us what in the comments.
  • Find a good place to stay if you are a visitor. Whether you’re here or live near, we are sure that you will love Bilbao.
  • Visit the tourist places of the city. All have their charm.
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