How, when and why it is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day

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Many people see the Thanksgiving Day as a day to celebrate with the family, to eat well or simply as the day in that begins the Christmas. In misterhow you will learn the true meaning.

In this party it is celebrated a succulent dinner, where the central food is the Roasted Turkey, but it can also be fried or grilled. Cooking a Turkey is not something that is made in a few minutes, so it preparation must start five hours before the start of the dinner. You should not begin to prepare the rest of food until the Turkey is in the oven.How, when and why it is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving Day


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Why is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day?

It is a habit that comes from the first immigrants from North America. In the year 1620 several pilgrims left England to go to America on the Mayflower ship. Disembarked at Plymouth village, today the State of Massachusetts. These pilgrims fleeing the oppression of the Church in England and they tried to finish with the poverty.

These pilgrims were very well received by the native Indians who lived in Massachusetts. The Indians offered his friendship, and they shared them many of their knowledge of hunting, land and crops.

After a hard winter, in the following fall, the pilgrims celebrated that they had survived thanks to their harvest. They had enough food to be able to withstand another winter. The celebrated a big dinner at which invited native Indians as a way of thanks for all the help which they had received and by what they had learned. This is the beginning of the first celebration of the Thanksgiving Day. This celebration lasted three days. At this time the pilgrims and Indians shared drinks, food and had fun. Today this celebration is associated with good harvests and as a way to thank for all the good things that we are received in life. It is said that this celebration was given with 90 Indians of the Wampanoa and 53 European immigrants.

When it is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day?

It is a very traditional, popular and important celebration in the United States. The Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in November, on the last Thursday of the month. The most important celebrations in the United States are the Independence Day, 4th of July, and the Thanksgiving Day.

But this party was not always celebrated in November. In the year 1795 the President of the United States, George Washington, stated that the Thanksgiving Day was celebrated on 19 February. In 1863, the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, changed this date by October 3. In 1941 President Theodore Roosevelt began to celebrate it the fourth Thursday of November.

How is it celebrated the Thanksgiving Day?

This day is celebrated as Christmas family. This celebration is shared dinner and the people say the thanks for all of the things that life give us. This celebration is so important that the family who live in other States, travel to be able to celebrate with your family.

Dinner consists of roast Turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, a dessert of nuts or pumpkin, cranberry sauce, Apple Pie and a stew of green beans. Many restaurants serve and sell this special menu just for that day. The menu can be made or you can buy already made.

How, when and why it is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day

Tips for How, when and why it is celebrated the Thanksgiving Day

  • The families of United States are much more independent than latin families, but Thanksgiving Day is the perfect day to meet once a year.
  • In this important day begins the shopping season. Therefore, the next day begins the Black Friday, which is to apply discounts to all kinds of products.
  • Although it is a celebration very American, even if you’re not there you can celebrate it.
  • It is a day for meet with family and friends and to help the people that are alone in the country.
  • It is a perfect day to make a donation to a foundation or to people in need.
  • A list of blessings will be important to this day.
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