How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party

A Hawaiian party is a celebration that imitate the habits and dress typical of the island of Hawaii.

Hawaii Islands form an archipelago belonging to the United States. Hawaii is characterized by its good climate, its customs, its beaches and its eccentric clothing. Also it is known as idyllic vacation place, for cocktails parties, it decoration, it music and its dances.

To organize a Hawaiian may be the best idea when you want to impress your friends or you want to celebrate a party´s birthday for kids. However, organize and decorate a Hawaiian party required of work and dedication. Also you have to know the habits and typical things from there.

If you want to know the preparations necessary to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party, read this article where we’re going to explain step by step.How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party

What do you need for How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party?

  • To make the Mai Tai cocktail

    • A granadine bottel
    • Pineaple juice
    • Lemon juice
    • Orange juice
    • A decorative umbrella for each cocktail (buy more).
    • A straw for each cocktail (buy more).
    • A rum aged bottle (we recommend you buy Ron Cacique or Ron Brugal).
    • A rum white bottle (Bacardi recommend).
    • A few slices of lemon.
    • A cocktail shaker.
    • A bag of ice.

    For party decoration

    • Welcome Hawaiian necklaces (You can buy the plastic version in any costume shop) one for each guest.
    • Paper flowers.
    • Some leaves to stick on the wall.
    • A table of surfing to decorate.
    • Hammocks to decorate.

    For food

    • All types of fruit. If you can bring exotic fruits, such as papaya or the custard-apple, better than best.
    • To choose between skewers of meat, that we will decorate with leaves of lettuce or any type of fish.
    • All types of juices adults and for children.
    • Plastic cups and dishes

    For music

    • Download traditional music from Hawaii you’ll find with a simple search on Google.
    • A decent sound, with a computer and a speaker system.

    For games

    • A broom stick to play the limbo.
    • If you want to go to the professional you can get Hawaiians costumes for the guests at your party.

Instructions for How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party

  1. The decoration and the place. Ideally is organize the party in a warm time, like summer and outdoor. However, if you cannot do, you can organize your Hawaiian party inside a house or you can rent a party room. Once you have the place, you must prepare everything for your guests. First, decorate all over the place with flowers to give a natural touch.hawaiian party You can make paper flowers and stick it to the wall with glue. Also you can place your old surf board and a few hammocks as a decoration. Also you can decorate the stage with posters with typical Hawaiian words as “aloha”. Finally you install the equipment sound and you leave everything prepared for the activities.How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party
  2. Food preparation. The food is very simple to prepare, because this parties the people eat fruit. Be sure to bring all fruit types and in great abundance. If you want to serve meat, you fry it in a pan and thread it in a stick that you can decorate with a large lettuce leaf. If you want to serve fish, you can add it decoration with lemon or with lettuce. Don’t put foods that are out of place. For example a few macaroni with sausage.
  3. Drink preparation. To drink, we opt for juices, such as orange or pineapple juices. If you want to serve alcohol you serve cuba libres and a special cocktail called Mai Tai. The Mai Tai is typical of this area. To prepare it, you mix in cocktail shaker a part of aged rum, a part of white rum, a splash of grenadine, two parts of pineapple juice, one part orange juice, ice and a splash of lemon juice. You close the cocktail shaker and you mix all vigorously. At the end, you serve it in a glass decorated with an umbrella and a straw so it have an exotic touch.How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party

Tips for How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party

  • Begin the party. First leave everything ready on the table, both food as the juices, and you prepare a place to make cocktails. In second place, put the Hawaiian music and you receive to those invited with a necklace of welcome. Go to serving to guests who they ask but you don’t begin to offer meal until not all. When everyone stay there, you can serve food with music. The games will begin at the end of the meal. Now the music will be faster and you can play games like limbo, drinking games, get to dance, or telling stories around a circle.How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party
  • Other cocktails. We have mentioned the Mai Tai cocktail, but if you know to prepare others cocktails, you don’t hesitate to do so. The ideal cocktail for this party are those made with juices. About the mixed drinks, we recommend to serve mixed drinks made with fruit juices. For example vodka with lemon juice and a stream of grenadine, malibu with pineapple or aged rum with orange juice.How to organize and decorate a Hawaiian party
  • After the party. If have celebrated the party in the open air and you have authorization, you can make a small fire simulating a tribal meeting. If you’ve celebrated the party at a closed site you can continue it in a bar or finished it. About cleaning, it will be very simple, because we opted for plates and plastic cups. Take all the decoration and all the excess food. If you have left you drink, you save it for another time.
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