How to organize an Ibizan partying

You’ve probably seen these parties where all the guests dress in white. Those parties in which the decoration is related with the white color: marine objects, balloons, ribbons and curtains of soft fabrics… and all in white color. These are the Ibizan partying, related to typical festivities of Ibiza, the beautiful Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea.

How to organize an Ibizan partying

The Ibizan partying has become fashionable in recent years, not only for weddings, but for any kind of celebration for adults, young and children, wanting to have fun, dance, laugh and have a good time surrounded by white.

In we will teach you how to organize an Ibizan partying, which objects should not miss on the decoration of the tables and chairs, and environment in general.

What do you need for How to organize an Ibizan partying?

  • White tablecloths
  • Fabrics and white ribbons
  • White candles
  • Balloons, White Christmas balls
  • White flowers

Instructions for How to organize an Ibizan partying

  1. If you’re planning an Ibizan partying, white must be present in everything, even in the party invitation. The guest must know that the party to which are being invited is an Ibizan partying by what your clothes must be in accordance with this. If you are not sure of that the guest to understand it you can write it in the invitation.How to organize an Ibizan partying
  2. These parties are ideal to celebrate outdoors, in summer. It can be on the beach or in a garden. But if it is in a closed environment you must decorate the interior with white colors to give the touch of the Ibizan partying.How to organize an Ibizan partying
  3. Use white lighter fabrics, such as chiffon or tulle, to hang on the walls. Place large ornaments holding fabrics. You can also make white wreaths to hang on the walls.
  4. The water and candles are elements that must be presents. You can place candles floating in a pool or prepare them in containers that float in the water with the candles. Fixed well the candles to the base so the air not turn them and they is kept always in his position and lit. Remember that everything must be white.
  5. Also you can use the candles in the table centers, supported in the soil and in the stairs.How to organize an Ibizan partying
  6. The tables and chairs must be dressed in white. The white tablecloths are the most common so you won’t have problems with this and fabrics for dressing the chairs are also common at any wedding or party. You can add centerpieces using water, floating candles, white flowers and some marine objects.
  7. If you order a cake you can give the typical marine touch of Ibizan partying.How to organize an Ibizan partying
  8. The white balloons are ideal for this parties. You can also use White Christmas balls for your decoration.
  9. Put a pergola in the garden. You can rent it or buy it and decorate it yourself with white fabrics, ties and flowers. Under it you place a table with white tablecloth where you can place the cups and drinks for the guests. Also you can put on the table something to eat so that each guest is served. If the party is a wedding may not miss the pergola that marriage will be held.pergola
  10. If the party is celebrated outdoors you use puff, cushions on the floor and small tables to serve food. The food should be light: a cocktail to eat without formalities. The dessert must be light and include fruit. Drinks this party will be related with fruits. You can serve juice natural and cocktails.How to organize an Ibizan partying
  11. The typical clothe for this parties is made with cotton or linen fabrics. There are loose clothes, dresses long and nothing formal. The men wear large shirts and linen trousers.

Tips for How to organize an Ibizan partying

  • If you organize an Ibizan partying, you don’t forget to leave clear it in the invitation because nobody will want to arrive and realize that it will dress differently from the rest of the guests.
  • Can’t miss the chillout music, especially during the guest’s reception. Then you can put dance music.How to organize an Ibizan partying
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