How to makeup of Mexican skull

Makeup of Mexican skull, also known as Catrina makeup or sugar skull makeup, is a type of design typical of Mexico and a form of celebrate the dead day. During this day, all the people celebrate this festival painting and dressing as Mexican skulls. Unlike what happens in other places, in Mexico the skulls are not a symbol of unpleasant feelings. They are a symbol of acceptance of death.

This makeup, created for the first time by the printmaker José Guadalupe Posada during the century XIX, is a very special way to enjoy the Mexican world and their customs. In addition, is a chance of know this spectacular culture.

How to makeup of Mexican skull

In this post we want to show you some tricks and tips to know how to makeup of Mexican skull. If you want to costume with this makeup it is better that you have a certain artistic skills because this makeup is complicated. But don’t worry if you don´t have it. You think that it is a very elaborate makeup there are different levels of difficulty. In misterhows you will learn to make a simple that everyone can do it.

Although it’s a makeup to celebrate the dead day, also known as Halloween, you can be used it in other parties and events. You think that it is of a design very eye-catching, attractive and curious with which we can succeed in any type of celebration. Also, as more practice your execution, more easy you will be doing it.

The beauty of this makeup depends on the type design which we imagine to make this Mexican skull, colors and the ability that we are going to develop as we practice.

It’s a makeup that may use men and women, because the colors and the design are a choice of the person who uses it. For to do a makeup of Mexican skull you need paint, brushes and sequins or glitter to end of decorate. The boys usually choose designs sober without flowers or bright elements. The male design of this makeup is gloomy.

If you want this makeup to be more spectacular, you can style your hair differently and add flowers to your look. In addition, you can get suspension to make it more beautiful. You decide if you want a gloomy or sensual makeup. Let’s see how to do it. Let´s go!

Instructions for How to makeup of Mexican skull

  1. Make a white base. Firstly, you cover your face, except your eyes, the eye socket and nose, with makeup or white colored paint. We have to wait for it to dry before applying the second layer. This layer will be white. In this case, we will leave the eyes and nose without makeup.
  2. Paint the eye socket and the eyelids with the color that you like. To do this it is easier if you paint a line with the color you choose and you fill with paint the inside. Men prefer black colors and women brightly colors. You decide! If you want a higher contrast you can paint the basin of a color and the eyelids of another.How to makeup of Mexican skull
  3. Paint the nose tip with black paint. Make a similar design to the dog snout or to the spades ace. Do not forget that it has reminded the skull nose. Outline it and you fill the interior with black paint.
  4. Paint colors petals around the eyes and the eyes socket. If you like that this makeup stand out more, you paint the eyes and the eye socket of black. Then paint some petals red around this area. The petals are very nice for girls’ designs. To do this well, you outline the design previously with black. When it is dry, you use paint and brush to apply the color on the inside. If you’re a guy you can make leaves, spider webs or any other element. Leave only the black stroke to make the design to be more elegant and neutral.Cómo maquillarse de calavera mexicana
  5. Apply a new layer of white paint on the mouth. It is very important that the lips are not. Once the paint is dry is the time to delineate the mouth commissure with black paint. Can make some small vertical hatched, a bit twisted, to remember to the skull mouth.Cómo maquillarse de calavera mexicana
  6. Draw details on the forehead and Chin. A simple design may consist of drawing in the forehead (in the Centre, where born the widow’s peak) and the Chin two triangles of different colors, one inside the other. Around the triangle outside, you can draw more little triangles. The rest of the face can makeup with black paint or with other colors. You can make leaves, thorns, flowers… all what are you think! Use your imagination to create unique designs.Cómo maquillarse de calavera mexicana

What do you need for How to makeup of Mexican skull?

  • Makeup water or cream colors.
  • Brushes and brushes.
  • Sequins and glitter.

Tips for How to makeup of Mexican skull

  • To remove the makeup it is better that use cloth cleansing. Wash the face with water and with soap to remove part of the makeup. Repeats the operation only with warm water and ends by passing a cloth cleansing by all your face
  • If you are looking for more make-up for parties, hairstyles or costumes, check a look to the parties and celebrations articles.


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