How to make a woman Vampire costume

A woman vampire is not only the couple of a vampire. This is also the woman who seduce with their walk, with his eyes and with his clothes. If you want to make a woman vampire costume you will have to think, in addition to on the clothes, in the attitude you should have.

One of the ways to make your own woman vampire costume is to get ideas of vampire films. For example you can look the twilight saga, as well known as especially admired by young women and girls.

You note the clothing, the makeup and the attitudes of these women so feared but at the same time sensual and provocative. In this article you will learn how to make this costume, but you’ll also find ideas to make a witch costume for Halloween.

In we are going to give you, ideas to know how to make a woman vampire costume to go any costume parties. Let´s go!

What do you need for How to make a woman Vampire costume?

  • Black or black dress with red, long black cape, high-heeled black shoes.
  • Makeup, black eyeliner, strong red lip pencil.
  • Vampire cape

Instructions for How to make a woman Vampire costume

  1. The typical colors for the vampire costumes are the black, the dark purple and the red. Also you can use shirts with White flounces and Red lenses. You use red and gold shades for eyes and you use an eyeliner. You can wear a long and wide cape with high-collar that simulate a vampire wings.How to make a woman Vampire costume
  2. One of those costumes more simple to make is a women vampire costume inspired in the saga twilight. You can make this using a long black dress, a Cape and some of makeup. Paint your face with white color to make it look pale. You can use makeup powder or white cream to brighten you face. You delineate your eyes and paint you the lips of red. You can use a teeth vampire and painting the commissure of the mouth with red lines. It seems that you drop blood from the mouth. If you want to give a touch more realistic to your costume, you can buy Golden or red lenses. Get well long nails and paint them with red color.
  3. If you want to be a seductive woman vampire, you wear a tight and short black dress, those you use to go to a party.seductive woman vampire
  4. If you don’t have a short black dress, you can wear a satin corset or black leather corset. You can add silver accessories, closures or metallic ornaments. If you want, you can combine the corset with a long or short skirt of the same material or very similar. Remember that the colors for these costumes are black, dark purple or red. If you don’t have a corset, you can get a white shirt with flounces. Combine it with a short or long skirt of black color.
  5. Also you can wear a night dress. It will be perfect with the rest of the outfit. Remember that the vampire is a seductive woman so dress has to be adjusted, low-cut and you highlight your body at least at the top. Add details that transform your dress into a costume.
  6. If you wear a short skirt you put a transparent stockings or fishnets stockings with high and elegant black heel shoes. You can wear patent-leather shoes to attract attention.How to make a woman Vampire costume
  7. Look for a vampire cape or do it yourself with a black cloth. You can use satin fabrics to make your cape shine more. What more important is that the cape have a neck. You can do it with cardboard and cover it with the same fabric that you used to make the cape. It is not necessary that the cape will be long. Attach a Ribbon to the cape to tie it around the neck.vampire cape
  8. Makeup well. If you want to disguise as woman vampire you should draw your eyes. You can draw something funny around the eyes, for example a small bat. Also you can use gold or red lenses. You use a red lipstick to your lips and you don’t forget the attitude. You must seduce to your victim and transform them into well

Tips for How to make a woman Vampire costume

  • If you are looking for other costume ideas you can read this article to know how to make a Minie costume or this other article to learn how to make a hippie costume.
  • If you decide to use makeup on the face to seem paler, or marks of blood, you be sure to make the paintings for the face. Buy them in a place safe, you don´t make up the face with any type of paintings, because this can cause you an allergic reaction.
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