How to make a witch costume for Halloween

Today’s Halloween parties are very popular, but sometimes we do not have enough money to buy a costume, or we simply do not find what we want to get. So the best way to have a good costume is make our own costumes. Today we will teach you how to make a witch costume for Halloween from the most simple and economic way. Let’s see how to do it.

Instructions for How to make a witch costume for Halloween


  1. The first thing we will need is a black dress. If you don’t have a black dress you can use a skirt and a shirt of the same black color.
  2. For the hat, if you don’t have time, you can buy it now, but you can also do it. In addition, you can save money.
  3. To make the hat by hand we will need a large black paperboard. We make a cone with paperboard and paste it so does not disarm.
  4. We cut the cardboard that excess in the base of the cone. On the other hand, we cut a circle with another piece of cardboard and make a hole in the middle with the size of our head. Note that the hole should not be larger than the cardboard cone.
  5. We stick the cone over the hole. The cone will be securely attached to the base, because if we are at a party we manipulate it much and it can be dismantled.
  6. We decorate the hat to our liking. You can stick silvery figures, as stars, moons…
  7. To make the hair, you buy 6 grey wool skeins, or half grey and half black.
  8. We cut the wool of the length that we want to be our hair and stick it to the hat inside. We can paste it with black tape. We will have a hat witch with hair, a great idea for your Halloween
  9. For makeup, you can paint your face with a green or white base, draw warts, large moles, wrinkles well-marked…
  10. You can put you a stocking with Halloween designs. These stockings will be perfect for your Halloween costume.
  11. Finally, you don’t forget the vehicle always used the witches: a broom. This will give greater impact and you’ll see as a real witch.

What do you need for How to make a witch costume for Halloween?

  • Black dress or skirt and black shirt.
  • Black paperboard for the witch Hat
  • 6 Black wool skeins, or black and grey
  • Stocking with Halloween designs
  • Black tape
  • Broom

Tips for How to make a witch costume for Halloween

If you want your witch costume is perfect don’t forget grimacing

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