How to make soap Bubbles

The other day, while I was walking, I saw a kids making soap bubbles. They played very amused and happy.

So I get home and I run to find the magic formula to make soap bubbles.

In addition, if we use different objects, we can make bubbles of all the sizes.

The fun is guaranteed both by adults as to children, also we can make soap bubbles in anniversary parties, games with childrens…

So, you pay attention to the next steps and have fun you also making soap bubbles. I am safe that you will be love:

soap bubbles

Instructions for How to make soap Bubbles

To make soap Bubbles

  1. Take a large bottle of water and short top the bottle.
  2. Now, fill the bottle with water. To the make it, you think that you have that to move it, so not it fill all. You can fill the bottle a little more than half.
  3. Then add dishwasher to water.
  4. Then add sugar, and mix it all well.
  5. And finally add Glycerin.

There are different ways to make the plastic blower. Then you explain how to make one large and one small. Follow the instructions:

To make big plastic blower

  1. Take an old shirt you have at home and cut it into strips. Cut horizontally the shirt and make the Strip longer.
  2. Now, with the cut off shirt, make two strips, a shorter and other more longer.
  3. Then, find two sticks (of a tree, a stick of a broom that has been damaged) and attached a small strip to the top and the large strip to the bottom.Cómo hacer pompas de jabón

To make little plastic blower

This can make the little babies, you will love:

  1. Take a pipe cleaners and bend it at the top until you get to give a round shape. It connects the tip with the pipe cleaners.How to make soap Bubbles
  2. It then pass a beads, and you trying to it is quite fair.
  3. Take a straw and pass the pipe cleaners inside.
  4. Use the wooden beads so that it is subject to you.

What do you need for How to make soap Bubbles?

To make the soap mix

  • Two parts of water.
  • One part of the dishwasher.
  • Half part of sugar Glasse.
  • Half part of Glycerin.


When we talk about quantities, these must be proportionate to the container that we are using. A glass, a bottle, a cube. In all cases, you must use more water to dishwasher and more dishwasher that sugar.

To make big plastic blower

  • A big shirt
  • A scissors
  • 2 sticks

To make little plastic blower

  • Straw
  • Wooden beads
  • Pipe cleaners


You can use anything that you think of whenever it have a hole in the middle (a badminton racket, a colander…)

Tips for How to make soap Bubbles

  • Make the soap mix, you use mineral water to make big bubbles.
  • Use fairy dishwasher to make big bubbles.
  • You can find Glycerin at the Pharmacy
  • Has that have moisture in the environment that can make soap bubbles.
  • If it costs you much do soap bubbles, you warm a little water, mix with all the ingredients and leave to rest a few hours.How to make soap Bubbles
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