How to make simple costumes

When approaching the Carnival, the costume parties begin and we to ask ourselves how to dress up with little money. At we want to help you and suggest some ideas so that you prepare your own costumes. We want to give you some advice so that you know how to make simple costumes. The more common and simple costumes are the costumes of clown, hippie, of scarecrow, professions as nurse, firefighter, cure… It all depends on your personality and your attitude.

These are some of the ideas that you make your own costumes but they wont´t be the only customes because as soon as you investigate a little you will have more ideas about possibles simple customes. You temember that your imagination is the most powerful weapon which you have to make your own costumes.

What do you need for How to make simple costumes?

  • Fabrics and black clothes, black tulle, broom.
  • Fabric white, phantom mask (optional)
  • Black mini skirt, tight black jacket, white shirt, high heels and white apron and Cap.
  • trousers, shirt and shoes or old boots, patches, hat, broom stick and straw

Instructions for How to make simple costumes

  1. Witch costume. This is a very simple costume. You only have to wear black clothes. You use a long skirt, a black jacket and a coat that you can do cutting some black fabrics that you remain in a trunk in the family. Cover the feet with black boots and the hands with gloves. You can stick in your costume bats or spider figures, and other elements that give a special touch to your costume witch. Finally you make a witch hat with black cardboard. You can stick some figures in your hat. Then you put a good makeup. If you want to scare, you make dark circles, draw wrinkles, moles large, especially in the tip of the nose and the chin. If the costume is for a girl you can give a touch of sweetness. A tulle black would give the touch special. A piece of black tulle which will allow you to see but will plug your face hangs from the front of the hat. Do not you forget of get a broom. What witch does not have a broom? You can use a broom old or also can manufacture it with a stick and tying you some few straws blowsy. You will not fly but if you will have fun with your friends. Practice shouts and laughter of witch. simple costumes: witch costume
  2. Ghost costume: It is very simple to make. You take a very big sheet, especially of those old white sheet, make two holes for eyes, and if you want, you paint a horrible mouth. Use white clothes below the costume and practice sounds spooky. If you want the costume to be scarier, you buy a ghost mask and glue it to the fabric. In this way the mask will not move and you can walk more comfortably.simple costumes: ghost custome
  3. Costume of sexy maid: if you want to dress up of maid, The costume should be sexy and provocative to not look like a simple uniform. This costume is ideal to show off a beautiful legs. You put a black miniskirt, a black jacket, a waistcoat, and a sexy shirt. The shirt can have lace, embroidery, gathers, a provocative neckline… You wear a garter belt and a small white apron. Finally you put a cap in the hair and stockings that highlight your legs. The heels not can miss in this costume. The sexy maid will be ready for work and to be admired by maid
  4. Scarecrow costume: to make a scarecrow costume is easy and cheaper. You can use objects and clothing that you don´t use to make this costume. Take an old trousers that you can break and paste them patches with exaggerated seams. You tThink that the people who makes a real scarecrow it uses old clothes. If you get a straps, much better, because the scarecrow hold your trousers with them. If you do not, you make them yourself. If you do a scarecrow you can use black o brawn Eva rubber or and glue. You paste a large and colorful buttons of different colors in the joints with the pants. Also you will need a large shirt. If it is possible you use a tartan shirt. If you can’t find a tartan shirt you can use any model. Also you can add patches made with different fabrics and with large stitches. Remember that the shirt has cover your hands. If you’re a woman it will be easier to find a large shirt because any men’s shirt you will be big. For feet you use an old boots. If you don’t have old boots, you dirty a pair with mud. Finally you are looking for a hat. You can use any old hat with wing so you tape your face. If you don’t have a hat you buy one at the costume shop. Makeup your face. To finish you put straw below the hat, between the shirt and the feet. And if you want to give more realism to the costume you use a broom stick and you place it on your back under the shirt of elbow to elbow. If you want that your costume will be funnier, you can do some birds with cardboard and place it on the scarecrow hat.How to make simple costumes

Tips for How to make simple costumes

  • Make your costume with time
  • Make your costume with friends
  • If you are looking for them elements with enough time you won´t need to spend money.
  • Learn on how to do costumes in the following link
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