How to make monster high draculaura makeup

When a costume party or Halloween day is coming, we think of how dress up or make-up. There are many options you can make from home. In misterhow we will explain you how to make Monster High draculaura makeup. But, before you go to the instructions, we know this character.

Draculaura is a character of Monster-high. She is the only daughter that has the Count Dracula. She is a vampire who is 1599 years old and she is vegetarian. Unlike the rest of the vampires she dislikes eating meat or drinking blood.

She is a rebellious teenager and does not want to follow all the ancient traditions of the vampires. In addition to being vegetarian, She don´t like use Vampire clothes, as the black coats with hood or ornaments with bones.

As she is a vampire he image is not reflected in mirrors, so she cannot verify whether she is make-up either or dressed.

She is an atypical vampire and she loves walks under the Sun with sunscreen and umbrellas to protect itself. Draculaura’s pet bat called Count Fabulous. She is a friendly and kind girl, and she like to have fun with her friends.

Draculaura is beautiful. She has long black and pink, a pale pink skin, pointed ears and eyes of light purple color. As any vampire she has large fangs, but she is of keep it hidden. Below the left eye she has a brand of birth: a heart pink.

Her birthday is the 14 of February, the San Valentín day, and She is afraid of blood. So, when she see a steak or smell the blood, she faints. She is hemophobica. She cultivated herself food for her vegetarian diet. She likes lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots.

This vampire is called Laura but her friends called her Lala.

What do you need for How to make monster high draculaura makeup?

  • Makeup base.
  • Makeup powder.
  • Eye shadow.
  • Eye pencil.
  • False eyelashes (optional).
  • False tusk (optional).How to make monster high draculaura makeup

Instructions for How to make monster high draculaura makeup

  1. Makeup base. Use a makeup base for the face. Use a brush to make it more uniform.
  2. Makeup powder. Apply a translucent makeup powder all over your face. Use a brush. The objective of the powders is that your face looks pinker.
  3. Eye shadow. Use a pink and purple eye shadow. Use the purple shadow until the half of the eyelid and a bit by below. Now, above the purple eye shadow and the rest of eyelid, use the dark pink eye shadow. You must extend the painting so your eyes remember of a cat.
  4. Eyeliner. Use eyeliner to makeup your eyes. Use black eyeliner above the eyelid and on the bottom of the eyes. If you combine it with a color light, as the white, your eyes will have a perfect effect.
  5. Eye pencil. Use black eye pencil on your eyebrows.
  6. Mascara. Use a mascara that increase your eyelashes and it see more long. If you have short eyelashes, use a false eyelashes.
  7. With the same black eyeliner draw exaggerated eyelashes at the bottom.
  8. Lipstick. Paint your lips with a red lipstick.
  9. Tusk. Paint a tusk with white eyeliner, on the lower lip. If you prefer you can buy a plastic tusk.
  10. Paint a pink heart under your left eye.
  11. For a costume. Use a black and pink long wig. Make a ponytail to each side and put black and pink clothes.How to make monster high draculaura makeup

Tips for How to make monster high draculaura makeup

  • Before makeup Draculaura, wash your face and apply a moisturizing cream.
  • If you use this costume for any party or the Halloween day, you can tell your friends that she dress with you. She can use other characters of Monster High and thus make a costume group.
  • If you want your eyes to call more attention, use glitter on the eyelids.How to make monster high draculaura makeup
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