How to make Christmas balls

Each year come the holidays and we think in put the Christmas tree. Again we use the balls and ornaments of the previous year, the lights and other objects to decorate the tree and our House. Then, we think “what can I do again?” We want to give you some ideas so you make Christmas balls, original, and this year your tree has a different touch. You can also recycle some of Christmas balls, to buy Styrofoam bases to make balls and decorate them. You can use colors papers, glitter, paints, threads and other materials that you probably have at home or that you can buy without spending a lot of money.

At we want to teach you how to make Christmas balls and you can decorate your tree, your house and your Christmas table with original objects made by your own hands.

What do you need for How to make Christmas balls?

  • Balloons, thread or rope, plastic tail, brush, scissors, paints, Glitters
  • Transparent glass or acrylic balls. To fill: colors balls, colors, sequins, Christmas ribbons and white feathers.
  • Styrofoam balls, ribbons or fabrics with Christmas motifs, sequins, bright paper.
  • 6 circles of smooth cloth, sequins, thread, ribbon or cord for hanging

Instructions for How to make Christmas balls

  1. Thread balls: currently are fashionable these thread balls. These Christmas balls are used to decorate the Christmas tree, the party decorations. You can make them in the large sizes, for table centers of for other types of decorations that you want. Inflate a balloon and tie it according to the size that you choose to make the ball. Take the thread and you begin to spin around the globe. You do it irregularly. When you consider that you already has given enough turns, you short the thread and you fasten it below another so not is disarmament. In a bowl you put glue and you dilute it with some water. Wet the balloon with the thread in this mixture until it is well moistened. You can also do it with a brush. Leave to drain the ball over a glass for not dirty and you keep it still. You leave the ball dries well and you give a second hand of glue. Don’t worry if the ball need more than one day to dry well. You leave that ball is dry well, because this depends on be well resistant. When the ball is dry, you break the balloon and remove it. You will have a hard wire structure. Now you can paint it with acrylic paint and shine with glitter. It finally tie a cord gold Christmas ball to be able to hang it on the tree. If you want, you can add others ornaments.Thread balls
  2. Transparent balls with fill: The glass balls are the more beautiful but they can break, by that is possible replace them by balls of acrylic transparent especially if in the house there are children. To fill them is not necessary to do it so completely. To fill them, we only remove the top cover, where are the hook to hang the balls from the tree, and place inside the ball filling you choose. We can make a group with balls filled with the same material but in different colors, for example: red, yellow, blue and silver sequins. We can also fill them with balls of color (you can use sticks used to decorate cakes), also you can put inside a piece of gold or silver tape. Another option is that you buy colors or white feather and you fill the Christmas balls. You can also paint some sticks with silver or gold color and place them in. Another idea is to fill them with colored chalk dust. Finally you back to cover them and voila!Transparent balls with fil
  3. Styrofoam Christmas balls: these Christmas balls will have different decorations. Remember that you have to do a hook to hang them. You can do the hook with a wire or use a tieping with a golden cord which will hang the Christmas ball. To decorate Christmas balls, you can do it with brightly colored paper. You cut them into small squares or in small circles. Once you have cut out the paper, you’re pasting them on top of the ball. Then you continue with a layer below so that it is in the form of flakes.Styrofoam Christmas balls
  4. Another option is to paste sequin colors in the Christmas balls. You can do multi-colored Christmas balls or ball of each color. You can stick the sequins to styrofoam balls.sequin colors
  5. You can also cover the balls with Christmas fabric. This option is very good to recycle those balls that are old or whose decoration already we tired.Christmas fabric
  6. If you want, you can paint those balls that are ugly with a color and then you paint over Christmas figures.paint
  7. Cloth balls: You cut 6 circles of cloth about 8 or 10 cm in diameter. You sew them together and you get a straight seam across the center. You take this step to put the cord that you will be used to hang the ball. When you has sewn the cloth circles you will have 12 halves. You take two halves and you get a seam by hand in the center. Then you take one which is already sewn and you unit it with the next half but with two attachment points for form the bee nest. You continue until the end. In the photo you will see clearer the procedure.Cloth balls
  8. Visit our category of parties and celebrations to have more knowledge of the parties that you can celebrate with decorations and the utility that you can give these ornaments that you’ve done.

Tips for How to make Christmas balls

  • When you make thread balls you must do them with time to dry well.
  • If you make transparent balls filled you remember to add more or less filling according to the material that you use. If you put feathers in the balls you can fill it out but if you are colors pebbles you put slightly so that not even too.
  • In addition to make Christmas balls to hang on the tree, you can use them to make centerpieces, wreaths adorning… everything you can think of!
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