How to make an Indian costume

If you want to know how to make an Indian costume, at misterhow we give you a few easy tips to achieve this.

The Indian costume is a great choice for Carnival or even the Halloween day. It is a very comfortable and easy-to-make costume. It is an excellent choice, especially for children. Although there are a lot of costumes in stores, especially Indian costume, always a handmade costumes will be more economic and creative. You can use materials that you have at home or others very cheap. And you can teach your child the importance of recycling and saving with this costume. You can make a costume without spending much time and without being an expert in sewing. Another aspect very positive of make a homemade costume is that you do not find to anyone dress equal because you costume will be unique.

There are several types of Indian costumes, but the most common is the American Indian. Although an adult is can disguise perfectly with this costume, it is much recommended for children.

There are several theories about the origins of the costumes and it doesn´t very positive, but the reality is that today the connotation of costume is gladly and festive.

For example, the origin of Carnival costume comes from Italy. The Romans used to dress up in the Saturnales, which were a parties that celebrated for three days. In this party all people forgot the rules and order.

How to make an Indian costume

What do you need for How to make an Indian costume?

  • Pinocchio paper
  • patent leather paper
  • Brown shirt and trouser that you can change (optional)
  • cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Achiote (optional)
  • Paintings for the faceHow to make an Indian costume

Instructions for How to make an Indian costume

  1. Tuft (ornament usually made with feathers and that it is carries in the part superior of the head). To do so, cut a rectangle of green cardboard. The cardboard should be front head size. Each side of the cardboard put paper ribbons with enough long to be able to tie it back.
  2. For tuft feathers: you can made with paper patent leather. Draw on the paper a long sheet and use it as a template for repeated drawing. Cut sheets and fold it in half. Get a few small cuts with the scissors. With these cuts sheet drawing seem like a feather. You can make the c of the colors you want. Get several sizes: a larger for the Center, two medium-sized and two more small. Proceed to paste the feathers in the rectangle putting the pen larger in the Center. See reducing the size in the rest. If you don’t want to make the feathers, buy it at any costume store. Looking for a few feathers that are synthetic.
  3. Dress. You can make the dress with the same patent leather paper. Use a paper that comes below the waist. You use paper in color Brown, Orange, or green dark. Now fold it in half. Cut out the paper form of T to make it look like a shirt and get a hole in v-shape at the top. You have to put your head through this hole. You can unite the two pieces with glue. Decorate in the part of down with a couple of strips horizontal of colors. For the trousers and the shoes you use ones of Brown color.
  4. Makeup: the Indian use colors to paint the face, the element more used is the achote. For them, each drawing that are painted on the face, has a special meaning and use symbols which can be like this. You can imitate it with a couple of streaks on the cheeks and others in the front.
  5. Accessories. Make a bow and some arrows with cardboard. Also you can use necklaces made with feathers that men and women use.How to make an Indian costume

Tips for How to make an Indian costume

  • If you make the jacket with patent leather paper, remember get a shirt below if it breaks.
  • You can search on the internet the meanings of the makeup if you want to do something more real.
  • If the shirt that chose is of neck round, cut it so is neck in v.
  • You can make him drawings of colors glad to the costume.

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