How to make a tiger costume

The Tiger is one of the most ferocious animals of the jungle, but also it is one of the most elegant and eye-catching. Its striped fur, Orange tone and its golden eyes, are a few of the elements that grab attention in this animal.

Tiger is part of the Pantheras genre and it is found only in Asia. There are 6 tiger subspecies, of which the best known is the Bengal tiger. Its beautiful colors are their feline steps, are ideal for design a beautiful costume for any party.

You can find any Tiger costume in costumes shpos around the world, but if you want to make a different costume, the best the best thing is to do it yourself.

How to make a tiger costume

Is it difficult to make a tiger costume?

No, really it is not. At misterhow we show you some very interesting tips and tricks so that you can do it for yourself. We will give you fun ideas to prepare the makeup and make the costume. In this post you will learn how to make a tiger costume for children, but you can apply the same advice to design an adult costume. Are you ready to become one of the animals more fierce and beautiful of the jungle? In that case, continue reading…

What do you need for How to make a tiger costume?

  • Fabric striped imitating the Tiger skin, white fabric.
  • Needle, thread, sewing machine.
  • Paper to make pattern before cutting the fabric.
  • A zipper or buttons
  • White, black and orange paint to make up the face

Instructions for How to make a tiger costume

  1. Look at nature. The easiest way to get the look of a real tiger in your costume, is to observe a real one. You can visit your city zoo or watch some documentary about nature. Even the cartoon films you can serve as inspiration. For example, the classic Disney the jungle book.How to make a tiger costume
  2. Look at the color of its fur. The Tigers have very particular physical characteristics. Stripes that mark all its body, its long whiskers, its pink and wide snout, its long tail down, thick legs and claws, the location and the shape of kits ears, its singular orange color… All there are spectacular elements of its appearance which can be help you to make a tiger costume.How to make a tiger costume
  3. You begin to make the costume. To ensure us of that the size is the appropriate, it best is use any clothing of our son that we serve to create the pattern. You can use pyjamas or a tracksuit as a model. Once you have the clothes, buy paper to make clothing patterns, and place it on a table. Then, you put on paper the clothing that you have chosen and you paint the outline on the paper with a pencil. You add to the outline more centimeters. You think that we are going to make a one-piece costume and that our child should be comfortable to wear it. Try that the legs are a little longer than usual to give not pull you the crotch. Once we have the measures, it is time to mow the pattern. Follow the contour line leaving at least 1 cm extra for the seams. Duplicates the pattern and cut it. In this way you will have one for front and one for back. In the pattern for front, you get an oval, which will be the Tiger tummy.make te costume
  4. It is time to use striped fabric that we have bought. You fold it in half and you place the pattern above. In this way you can cut it guiding you with the pattern. Get the oval of the tummy with other fabric of white color, which you must sew over the front of the costume. Then sew all around with a machine: legs, arms, and sides. Remember that you have to leave an opening in the head, hands and legs. You finish the costume adding back a zipper or buttons if you’re not very skilled with sewing. Thus will be very easy to apply and remove the costume the child.use the fabric
  5. Buy claws slippers in any clothing store. These stores sells this type of shoes, as for example, Primark. Buy one of the size of your baby and so you don´t have to create the claws. If you don’t find anything you serve, you can cover the slippers at home with stripped fabric that you used to make the costume. Paint your hands with Orange and black colors. Paint the hands palms of white color. In this way he can use it without any problems.
  6. To paint the face you prepare a white base and you paint over it with Orange and black colors. Based on the tiger face to make this makeup. Don’t forget to outline the eyes and paint your nose with black paint. And of course, cannot miss the long whiskers of a cat.paint the face
  7. Don’t forget the accessories. The tail and ears are very important in this costume. You can prepare the tail creating a cylinder with fabric and cotton, toilet paper or newspapers to fill it. Once finished, you sew it to the back costume. About the ears, you make it with a headband and two pieces of cardboard. Cut triangle-shaped and cover it with fabric that you use to make the costume. You can fill it with cotton.How to make a tiger costume

Tips for How to make a tiger costume

  • Make yourself a costume is an experience very nice that you can share with your children. It is a way to have fun together and that they appreciate the handmade things. In addition, you will save money whit your own costume.
  • Each manual activity make at home should be reason for family involvement. All can collaborate in making the costume, paint, get accessories and suggest new ideas.
  • If the costumes that you make are based on real creatures, it is important that you do it based on reality. Search on the internet, in magazines, in pictures… and stay with every possible detail to make your costume more realistic.How to make a tiger costume
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