How to make a rocker costume

In the costume parties always we see the typical costumes that you can rent or buy in a store. But it’s more fun to make your own costume with skirts, trousers, jackets, shoes and accessories that you can find in your own closet or that someone you can provide. Between the old and new clothes you will always find what to wear to make your own rocker costume. An electric guitar as an essential complement and the typical attitude of singers and rock fans can not miss in your costume.

You can be inspired to make your rocker costume watching images or videos on the internet about the rock bands of the years 80 and 90. You will get ideas from these videos on accessories and attitudes, as well as typical clothing of these musical groups.

In we will teach you how to make a rocker costume of so that you go to a party and you feel comfortable and fun with your 80s outfit.

What do you need for How to make a rocker costume?

  • Skirt, trousers, fabric or leather.
  • High heels or boots.
  • Black dress or skirt.
  • Shirt, trousers and jacket faded and fringed.
  • Large earrings, bracelets, studs, chains and necklaces.
  • Guitar electric.
  • Makeup: shadows bright colors white, light blue, purple, mascara, bright red lip pencil.

Instructions for How to make a rocker costume

You can make a rocker costume in different ways:

  1. Get some black stockings or a tight leather trousers. You wear high heel. You can use a leather jacket. This jacket can be short and tight that let see part of your back and the navel. Use accessories like big earrings, necklaces, tacks or silver chains.
  2. The hair should be eye-catching, voluminous and disheveled. Your hair should move freely when you touch the guitar and jump to the rocker style. Makeup your eyes. You can make the outline eyes with mascara, use shadows of many colors, as the white, the blue or the purple and with much brightness. Get your eyes and your lips to call attention.How to make a rocker costume
  3. The guitar electric and your dress are the main accessories that you must take to your rocker costume.
  4. Another way to dress up as rocker is using tight faded jeans. The jeans, in addition to faded, can be broken into different parts. You wear with this pants a t-shirt short and a leather vest with fringes. You can also take the 1980s-pants. Put on high heels and let your hair. Makeup exaggeratedly, with well-defined eyes, color shades in the eyes, and much brightness in the eyelids and lips.How to make a rocker costume
  5. You can also take a tight skirt black, that look like leather, a short black t-shirt that look good with the skirt, black stockings, black high-heeled shoes or black boots. The rest of the accessories must be similar to what was said above: makeup, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, chains and the electric guitar.
  6. You can also wear a dress and tight short, black if is possible and you use many accessories: a wide belt, large earrings and long necklaces. Put you tulle or ribbons in the hair and remember that the hair should be long. If your hair is short, buy a wig, but you adjusted it well to your head so you can dance.
  7. The rock skirt years could be shorter and wider, with volume. You can create your costume with a red or black skirt combined with a jacket or shirt. You can also use a short and tight dress.
  8. The miniskirt with boots or with heels were a very typical complements in that time.How to make a rocker costume

Tips for How to make a rocker costume

  • You blend well the elements that you choose for your costume. You are looking for an electric guitar.
  • Your costume will be perfect if you seem as a real rocker simulating that you touch the guitar and jumping while you sing and you do exaggerated gestures.
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