How to make a Minnie costume

One of the most adorable Disney characters is Minnie, the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse. Her personality goes according to the sweetness of its treatment with Mickey and her clothes and shoes are also part of this romantic character. The eternal girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, always courted by him, has been suffering transformations since its creation, in 1928, until today. Although her clothes has been similar, her dress polka dots and her petticoats protruding slightly below and her classic heels. It is clear that if we want to make a costume of Minnie we base in the beautiful Minnie today.

You’ve probably seen thousands of Minnie expressions: dolls, paintings, television programs and people disguised, both adults and children. At, we want to give you some ideas so that you know how to make a Minnie costume.

You will need to buy some elements and work a little but it will not be difficult because we will tell you step by step how to make a Minnie costume.


What do you need for How to make a Minnie costume?

  • Long sleeve tee black, well adjusted, opaque black stockings panty type.
  • Red with white polka dots or fabric red, white felt.
  • Red skirt white polka dots or red skirt
  • Lace white.
  • Felt yellow
  • black Eva rubber, cardboard and glue.
  • Scissors, thread, needle, machine for sewing.
  • Gloves white or felt white to make them.

Instructions for How to make a Minnie costume

  1. Her dress, her bun from the same fabric of the dress, her yellow shoes, her white gloves and her legs and arms black. The lively expression on her face, long lashes, her round ears, her black nose and her tail. We represent every part of the character with something in disguise, not only clothing but accessories also. Maybe it’s much easy to rent a costume to do it but if you want to save money and you like doing costumes yourself the end result will be much more satisfactory.How to make a Minnie costume
  2. To make the skirt you short a rectangle of fabric red with polka dot white of the long that you like on the knee and at least two or three times more width that the measure of your waist. You sew it so it is like a tube and you pass an elastic on top. At the bottom you can stitch white lace to give the feeling of petticoats that we are below the skirt. In the part superior you can put a shirt White with sleeves puff, as is the style of Minnie, well romantic. Placed a tie red wide in the waist so have better termination.How to make a Minnie costume
  3. If you have a red skirt you can hit the polka dots of white felt and you save money a lot of time.
  4. To make the Minnie ears you get first a mould in paper guiding you by the photo and then you cut two parts equal in black Eva rubber. The size of the ears will be approximately of 8 cm of diameter but this will depend on of who wear the costume, if it is for a small girl or for a woman.How to make a Minnie costume
  5. When you cut and paste the circles of the ears (should be double to be more resistant and not is fall), you will be in the base of the ears the section straight open. This is to make inside that hold the ears on the head. You can do it with the same black Eva rubber: a rectangle of about 20 cm long and 2 cm wide. Get pass by there the two ears and you sew or paste them to this base. This strip of black felt or rubber Eva black can be attached to the head with hair pins or join the ends with elastic which will be covered by hair.
  6. Bun. Another characteristic of Minnie is the bun. With the same fabric of the dress you have to do a bun, but as you’ve seen it is well bulky. For this you short two rectangles, one large that will be the bun and other small that will be the center of the bun. The large must have: 20cm long and 14cm wide. The small should be 4cm by 5 cm.How to make a Minnie costume
  7. After cut the rectangle large you fold by the half, you sew of the reverse, you give it back and you put stuffed so is with volume, as if this was a small pillow. Then you sew the small rectangle and wrap with them the large. It will be you divided the Middle taking the form of bun that you can fix with glue between the two ears. The size of the bun will also depend on who use the disguise.
  8. You paste into the underwear the tail that you can make it black Eva rubber or felt. You can also use a black lace.
  9. Looking for a pair of white gloves because to Minnie never missing, and a heels. Surely you won’t yellow heels but you can cover them with some yellow cloth making like a bag. If not, you can get black heels and putting polka dots to give the special touch. If the disguise is for a girl, She will be fine with low shoes, bun, colorful tights or some detail that you can think of.How to make a Minnie costume
  10. The makeup is simple: a nose black painted, eyes well delineated and long eyelashes.

Tips for How to make a Minnie costume

  • Learn more about disguises here
  • If not get the fabric red with white polka dots you can buy red fabric and putting dots from felt.
  • If you have skill for the couture you can design a dress with sleeves short and puff.
  • If you have desire and time, you can make the white gloves. Remember in this case that there are only 4 fingers in the hand. Fix you well as are those gloves to complete the drawing with marker black on the felt white.
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