How to make a hippie costume

A typical and easy homemade costume is the hippie, both male and female. To make a hippie costume, you look photos, old magazines or you search in Internet and begin to collect all the elements that characterize this fashion. The hippie movement marked to its members with their clothes, their attitudes and their taste by colors among other things. All costume that refers to 60 and 70s surely will be related to hippies, this movement that revolutionized the world. If you think about their clothes were dominated the wide and very colorful clothes, the large drawings, the flared pants, shirts with flared sleeves, very colorful and short dresses, boots up to the knee, big sunglasses, long and straight hair with the typical hairbands that crossed the front… also the “afro” hairstyles, necklaces, pendants and the typical symbol of peace.

At we will show you how to make a hippie costume using and combining clothes and accessories, both for men and for women. You relive this time of peace and love. The hippies not only were characterized by their clothing. Also they are characterized by them way of thinking. They repudiated the ward and they promoted the peace. The “V“ fingers and the banners it were themselves of them.

You can find much more information about costumes and how to make them yourself in our dress category.

The hippie costume is simple to make but you must understand the attitude and thinking of them to represent them better and you can show that it is not only clothes. Let´s go!

What do you need for How to make a hippie costume?

  • Clothes very colorful, t-shirts dyed by hand, ribbons, pendants, large shirt, bell-bottoms and waistcoats with fringes.
  • Scarves tied at the waist, big sunglasses, wig…

Instructions for How to make a hippie costume

  1. One of the things that the hippies loves is the color. For this, the accessories will give you that special touch. If you put clothes with soft colors, you touch color with a color handkerchief tied in the waist.
  2. The hippies marked an era and a lifestyle.How to make a hippie costume
  3. The pendants cannot miss in a hippie costume. And the pendant that must be always present is the peace symbol. While most large and eye-catching better. Also the big and striking rings and the bracelets are typical of the hippies. Pendants should be metal. Even the women used these pendants around the head. If you don´t find appropriate pendants you can paint in your cheek the peace symbol.How to make a hippie costume
  4. If you are woman, you leave your hair loose and you put flowers and ribbons in the hair. You don´t forget to tie the ribbon around of your front. Another typical hippie hairstyle for women is braiding the sides of hair and tie both braids back. Women long hair can be straight or with curlers, wigs were used much at that time so you can get one.How to make a hippie costume
  5. Another typical hippie hairstyle for women is to make braids in the hair and tie at the back of the head. The long hair for women can be straight or curls. The wigs are used in that era. You can use one for your hippie costume.
  6. For makeup you must outline you well your eyes. You use color shade in the eyeliner and you use white shadow with something of brightness below the eye, where today you usually use the dark circles corrector.
  7. T-shirts with tinted colors were very common at this time. These shirts are made with a special technique. This technique consists in knotting the t-shirts and dipping them in dye. Of this mode is obtained designs very original and economic.
  8. The waistcoats and the leather boots with fringes are typical of this movement. Also are typical of the hippie style the high shoes, the platforms and the low sandals combined with long-wide skirts. If you don´t find waistcoats with fringes you can do so with Eva rubber or a brown. You get long fringe to your waistcoats.
  9. In general the hippies dressed very comfortable. They are not arranged too but they were not overloaded of things. When you make your hippie costume you use the thing most beautiful and striking at that time. You use the colors as yellow, orange, fuchsia. In general strident colors.
  10. The guitar is another great accessory at the time. You can also use round sunglasses. Maybe you don´t find this sunglasses easily, but you can get them in costume shops. Perhaps a family member kept this type of sunglasses.How to make a hippie costume
  11. For women: Looking for a dress short with bell-shaped sleeves. The fabrics must have colors and designs well defined, geometric forms, big flowers, circles … You can complete your look with a short jacket with fringes. Boots up to the knee with high heels. The heels of that time were square. You put a beautiful wig in your head and you don´t forget a tape attached to the front. Also you must wear pendants. You can put one or several but you find the peace sign.for women
  12. You can also put a long skirt wide and with very colorful, with psychedelic colors, as it was called at that time. You combine the skirt with sandals, a wide shirt, a wig and many accessories. The large and flashy sunglasses will be the most important detail.
  13. Men. You wear bell-bottoms, a large shirt, with well wide sleeves and a waistcoats. No matter the designs combinations and colors. In the hippie style, everything is permitted. Long hair is proper hippy men so you can get a wig with a Ribbon in the front. You complete your costume with accessories: pendants, sunglasses and everything you
  14. For children. The premises are the same: loose clothes, t-shirts dyed with bright colors, loose shirts and long skirts for girls and many accessories. You can paint symbols or phrases as love and peace on the clothes.children

Tips for How to make a hippie costume

  • Complete the hippie costume with a small bag and you apply some metal ornaments in it.
  • You look several clothes and accessories to choose the most amusing combinations.
  • You complete your costume making any banner that you write some hippies thoughts. For example: free love, love and peace, stop the war.
  • You save all clothes which today seem ridiculous. Once it will help someone costume it.
  • Also the “V” fingers (the index and the middle) will complete the image hippie of your costume.
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