How to make a clown costume

The clown costume is classic and traditional, and always you can use at a costume party. If you have been invited to a costume party and you don’t know what to wear, you can use this costume. Also you can use it on Halloween.

The idea is that you can do it in the simplest way, from home and very accessible materials. In you teach how to make a clown costume.

You do not need to know sewing to make this costume. The clown costumes are disproportionate and wide. On the contrary, a bad sewing can be your best ally.

The main function of a clown is to have fun and make laugh people with their occurrences and an unusual costume. The clowns create emotions. By that, if you decide to opt for this costume, is good that you goals in the character and you do laugh to the people. We hope that on the feast nobody suffers from coulrophobia which is the phobia or irrational fear of clowns.

A clown is a character that represents stereotypes. To get it the clown use an exaggerated makeup, flashy costumes and wigs. This character is commonly associated with circus artists. But also there are many people that make actors and is mock of the everyday life with reviews satirical and sarcastic. There are doctor’s clowns that make laugh to patients hospitals. The laughter generates endorphins that help to the healing.

Instructions for How to make a clown costume

  1. Check your closet. Sure that you will find wide and colorful clothes. Search a trousers and a shirt. Also you can ask some clothes to friends or family that they have one size greater than yours.
  2. Make you some changes to the clothes. Gets a few large buttons and paste it in your trousers, in the front part, one left and one right. Also you can paste buttons throughout the shirt. Cut out patches of different fabrics and colors and paste it where you prefer, especially in the pockets.
  3. Bow tie. Make a bow tie of great size. You can make it from cardboard with beautiful colors. If you decide to make it with cardboard, cut a rectangle, creasing it in the center and stick it with tape adhesive. Cut another small strip to cover the tape and that’s it.
  4. Socks. Use different colors for each foot. It is preferable that it are wool and it have stripes or circles.
  5. Shoes. Looking for the most colorful shoes that you have and stuck two balls stuffed with cotton. If you can buy some huge and colorful, better.
  6. Makeup. Start making an outline on your face. Paint two arches in your eyes, and draw a large smile around your lips. Pain with black the outline of the eyes and the mouth. Now fill the outline with white makeup. Paint your lips with red color and extends the commissure upwards. Make a vertical line from the beginning of the upper eyelid up to half. Pint your cheeks and your nose with red lipstick. Look at yourself in a mirror and removed the makeup excess. This makeup of classic clown is made with 3 colors, but there are thousands of designs. If you want you can paint a few tears, or a star. Play with your creativity, is a costume that accepts many options, forms and colors.
  7. The nose. If you want, you can buy a foam rubber, but it is not necessary, you paint your nose with red color.nose
  8. The wig. You have several options: buy or ask someone a wig. Use your own hair and paint it with spray of colors, or you can make a wig with balls of wool in colors on an old hat. Also you can use a small hat on the wig, or you can get a red hat instead of the wig.

Tips for How to make a clown costume

  • If you find in the wardrobe two trousers that you don´t use, you can make one with it.
  • Before makeup, apply a moisturizing cream to protect your skin.
  • If you want, you can change the white of the makeup by a cake tone.How to make a clown costume
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