How to make a cheap costume

Costume parties are fun. This parties are funny and we can use our creativity and likes to make costumes to go this events.

So if you do not know how to dress up for a costume party or for Halloween, today we have for you, an ideas and advice. We want to use these ideas as soon as possible to make your homemade costume easily and with few materials.

In this mode you will save time and money. You only need a bit of imagination and creativity to make this costume that you want to take at that party.

If you have been invited to a costume party and you don’t know how to make a cheap costume, don’t worry. Here, we’ll teach you to make a costume very creative but simple and striking. Also you won’t need to spend all your time or your money to get it.

To make a cheap costume you won’t need to use many materials. In addition, this costumes are for all ages. Only you need to have main elements and you can make it’s without problem.

Let´s go! You read how to make a cheap costume!

What do you need for How to make a cheap costume?

  • Old clothes
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing machine

Instructions for How to make a cheap costume

  1. Reuse old clothes. Old clothes is an excellent item to make a homemade costume without spending a lot of money. You only have to choose the appropriate colors or dyed the clothes. Use scissors to make the design that you like.old clothes
  2. Use cheap materials. The liquid silicone is easy to get and use. If you want to make a cheap and fast costume, using liquid silicone you save time and avoid having to make hundreds of seams by hand or with a sewing materials
  3. To make different styles of costumes. Also you can try various costumes styles. Films characters costume is a great idea. Here you can see an example of Lara Croft costume made with clothes and belts.lara croft
  4. To make a series, comic, movie or manga cosplay. The Cosplays are ideal for costume or Halloween parties. Only you have to find a character, makeup and wear you with similar clothes. Usually animes clothing or movies does not very difficult to represent in real life.cosplay
  5. Pumpkin costume. For this costume you put a wide and short orange dress and paint the eyes, nose and mouth of the pumpkin with acrylic paints. You use a stockings and a black shoe for this costume.How to make a cheap costume
  6. Witch costume. At this time use a witch costume is great. You can make it with normal clothes. Use a stockings and dress black and a red jacket. You can make a costume Scarllet Witch, or traditional witch with a black dress and a witch hat. You can buy the witch hat in a costume store or manufacture it yourself. These hats are cheap.witch costume
  7. Skeleton costume. This costume is very easy to make. You use a Leggings or a pair of black jeans and paint a skeleton bones with acrylic white paint. Also you make the same with a tight shirt and you’ll see very beautiful.Skeleton costume
  8. Makeup. The makeup is perfect to make different costumes. You do a makeover based on a Monster or character and combine it with clothes. You will see how with so few things you get a perfect look.Makeup
  9. Mask. Best of masks is that you can do with cardboard, foam, paint, glitter and liquid glue. You can make your own homemade mask without spending a lot of money. Just draw and cut the desired shape and decorate your mask.

Tips for How to make a cheap costume

  • We hope that these costumes have liked you and you put them into practice immediately if they liked you.
  • Tell us in the comments what the costume you liked most and what want to do for a costume party
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