How to keep the wedding dress

The wedding dress symbolizes one of them moments more important of the life of any woman. That dress, we only use once, will remind us always that moment of emotion and happiness prepared meticulously. We must keep the wedding dress to maintain impeccable and always remember our wedding day. But also to protect it from the step of the time and that not is damaged.

In we are going to teach you how to keep the wedding dress in perfect conditions and that, with the step of the years, your children can see it as the day in that your mom it used, impeccable and as new.

What do you need for How to keep the wedding dress?

  • Your wedding dress
  • Your clean wedding dress
  • A big box
  • Silk pape
  • white cloth

Instructions for How to keep the wedding dress

  1. Prepare the wedding takes much time and dedication so that everything goes perfect: the choice of the place where will be the party, the food and drink to be served to the guests, the wedding cake, the decoration of the place and many other details. All this can be in charge of the bride and groom, the families or the specialists responsible for these tasks. But the choice of wedding dress is just a matter of who will wear it.How to keep the wedding dress
  2. Some women already have their idea and they know very well what model be them better, what style, what kind of fabric, which shoes and thousands they will wear and thousands of details about the wedding dress. But others brides need advice from an expert, they need see models, try on dresses in different styles to find out what is the most suitable… And all of this so that so dream dress be worn only once. And then?How to keep the wedding dress
  3. Here comes the second stage of the wedding dress: how to keep it well so is save many years.
  4. To keep your wedding dress never use a plastic bag, because this material is very bad to conserve fabric, especially if it is white. With the passage of time dress can be yellowish or forming stains and what is worse, take bad smell due to the plastic and moisture that may have into the bag.
  5. You always keep clean wedding dress. If the dress has messed with some food or drink you have to take it to dye to make it perfect. The same happens to the dress skirt. All the part that is near the floor is dirty with the friction. These spots are very ugly and if you keep it so the spots will get worse over time and already you cannot remove them.
  6. Find or buy a big box to save the dress with enough space.How to keep the wedding dress
  7. Put a good basis of silk paper in the box, you support the upper part of the dress, then fold back the sleeves (if it have them) and finally you put the bottom. You put between the different folds silk paper so that it will not crush and remain with shape and volume. If has tulle place it on the skirt and you proceeds of the same form separating the different parts with silk paper.
  8. If the dress has special embroidery you place silk paper covering them to protect them and at the same time so they do not damage other parts of the dress. This can happen if the embroidery is made of metal or glass.How to keep the wedding dress
  9. If you want to keep it better you can wrap dress already folded and wrapped in silk paper with a white cloth.
  10. Finally you cover the box and you store it in a place safe where is can keep protected.

Tips for How to keep the wedding dress

  • You do not neglect your wedding dress and you save it with love that this stays flawless as the first day.
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