How to hang Christmas balls

When oncoming the month of December, we begin to think how to decorate our House to make this Christmas it look more beautiful than ever. We make an inventory of all we have, of we want to renew, or what already not us like because it have used many years. And, of course, we learned of what is trend this year in terms of decoration: lights, colors, Christmas tree, Christmas balls, ornaments. As we all know, the fashion not only affects the clothing, the fashion also affect everything that surrounds us.

The center of it all is the Christmas tree, its lighting and its decoration, and how to hang Christmas balls. But every part of the House should also have the touch of Christmas. And those people who can, because they are garden, they can also decorate the outside of the House with lights and decorations.

In, we will give you ideas for your House will see more beautiful that never these Christmas. We’ll teach you how to hang Christmas balls, how to decorate your tree to make it look more beautiful and elegant, and we’ll give you a few ideas so that you know how to hang Christmas balls on the roof. This idea is much applied in large spaces as in shopping center where the airspace is essential in the decoration, because it can be seen from all sides.

What do you need for How to hang Christmas balls?

  • Christmas tree, lights.
  • Christmas Balls
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Golden Thread and scissors.
  • Christmas tapes
  • Clear plastic thread

Instructions for How to hang Christmas balls

  1. The first thing we will make is to choose a style for decoration. For example it is possible that you like the elegant style, with high gloss, in a single color or a more rustic style, with items cheaper but not less beautiful.How to hang Christmas balls
  2. Define your style, your favorite colors and we start working. You think that a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to illuminate the spirit of those people who see it.
  3. If you have a Christmas synthetic tree for years, you see that the tree is well. Stretches its branches, that surely it were closed to save it, you wash it and you look that it has not lost leaves or branches. The main element decorative is the tree and if this not is in conditions you cannot achieve your objective.
  4. If you like the natural trees, you buy one that has good shape. You see the details before you buy it. The natural smell of pine, is also part of the Christmas.
  5. Check each of the Christmas balls. This balls are not dirty or damaged. You check that the support and hook to hang is in good condition. Otherwise you put golden lace to hang the balls from the branch.How to hang Christmas balls
  6. The use of the red and the green to decorate at Christmas is a classic. If you have a green pine, the red Christmas balls will be very well in it. You can combine sizes and textures but always you keep a style. When you hang Christmas balls, you always put the larger at the bottom of the tree and you decrease the size as you ascend. This will give balance and harmony to your and red to decorate
  7. If like do something different you can choose cold colors, as the blue. The blue Christmas balls are very beautiful if you keep some conditions as: the white lighting of the tree and some garlands and ornaments in silver.How to hang Christmas balls
  8. You can also use all colors. You can hang the Christmas balls that you have for years, the ornaments, the garlands… always adding something new. If you have good taste to decorate, everything will look good. We also never forget the budget. You will spend on Christmas decoration according your budget. Remember that you can make or renew your Christmas balls with economic elements and with your personal style.How to hang Christmas balls
  9. Don’t forget the steps to decorate your tree for it is nicely decorated: first you place the lights, then you place the garlands or strings, then you hanging balls and ornaments and finally you put something at the top of the tree: a star or a light.
  10. Not just decorate the tree, also we decorate windows, furniture with Christmas items or doors with beautiful wreaths Christmas. But another option to decorate is through Christmas balls hanging from the roof. You can choose a corner and decorate it, for example a corner next to the entrance or in the corner opposite to the place of the Christmas tree. This will give more life to the environment because will have originality in the environment.How to hang Christmas balls
  11. To decorate the roof with Christmas balls, you hang a long tape to each ball and fixed the other end of the Ribbon to the roof. You can cut strips of different lengths to give more volume to the ornament. Use 8 or 10 balls by each piece of tape. Use balls with colors that combine, textures and sizes equal or different. Use your imagination to decorate the roof.How to hang Christmas balls
  12. You can also make these ornaments with other elements such as snowflakes, lights, stars… You can surely give a special touch to any corner of your House.

Tips for How to hang Christmas balls

  • Visit our category on Christmas and you learn many more tips.
  • If you decorate your tree in the indicated order: lights, garlands, balls and decorations when you dismantle it you do it exactly in reverse order so you will not have any difficulty.
  • When you hang Christmas balls with a lace, you let it enough loose so you can take apart it easily.
  • If you hang Christmas balls on the roof, you try to not be too close to windows or doors. Thus you will avoid that it breaks off.
  • If you want to look that Christmas balls are floating in the air you replaces the tape with clear plastic wire.
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