How to go for partying in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most famous Hispanic cities along with Barcelona. For this people who live in Spain or in communities near this place, to go for partying in Madrid is an excellent choice, because it is a place with many nuances and fun.

All people have very different tastes. By that, many times we opted by spend the holiday in different places, already is traveling to various places or passing the time in different local.

In addition, is not the seam to prepare a family holidays, go to holidays with your partner or with friends. The activities will be different if we are going with a grandfather, a friend, our boyfriend or a child. In other words, you can’t go with a child to a noisy nightclub or a bar, or you don´t grandfather to a concert or dance to electronic music, right?

By that, if want go for partying in Madrid, first you think with who will go, only or accompanied, and what type of company are going to have. If you want know how to go for partying in Madrid, then, you read the next post.

What do you need for How to go for partying in Madrid?

  • Money
  • To travel
  • Hostel or hotel

Instructions for How to go for partying in Madrid

  1. El Penta, Palma, 4 st. You can find nostalgic music of the 80’s. It is an ideal place for thirtysomethings melancholy or young that they want to feel the environment of that timeEl Penta
  2. Mezcalería, at San Vicente Ferrer, 25. It is a place where you can enjoy the best Mexican beverage that exist in Madrid. If yours is drink and enjoy the spirits, this place is for you.Mezcalería
  3. Moby Dick, in the Avenida Brasil, 7. It is an ideal place to enjoy with the live music. People from Madrid and elsewhere in Spain come to this place to enjoy the music that this place offers.Moby Dick
  4. If you like the alcohol and the people, Delirio, in Libertad, number 28, is an ideal place for passing the time drinking until the morning. Close to high hours of the nightDelirio
  5. If you like the tranquillity, the Mercado de San Antón, in Augusto Figueroa number 24, you will like you. If you like drinking but not both, here you can take some drinks and enjoy of the people while you listen a good concert.Mercado de San Antón
  6. If you like dancing or flirting with any person, Joy Eslava is a place fascinating. Is located in Arenal number 11. It is frequented by various ages’ people: from twentysomethings, even thirtysomethings and some young people who pretend to be older to enjoy the party of this local.Joy Eslava
  7. If elegance is your thing, you can go to Gabana 1800, in Velázquez number 6. People who come, has about 25 years, but, if you come to have fun regardless of age, you spend it very well. You should go well dressed or not can pass. Not be supported people poorly dressed or vulgar.Gabana 1800
  8. New Garamond, in Rosario Pino number 14. Ideal for thirtysomethings that are looking for someone with who pick up. This place is full of attractive people who can delight your eyes and hypnotize your senses. If you consider yourself a little graceful, doesn’t matter, just be yourself and come here. The place is something expensive, but it is very funny.New Garamong

Tips for How to go for partying in Madrid

  • If you want to enjoy of your holidays in Madrid, you recall that only can pay in euros. If you take other currencies, you will have to change it in any bank or Global Exchange Office to get euros and enjoy a real holiday in Madrid.
  • We recommend you researching on the internet what are the best hotels and hostels in Madrid, and its price, so you can stay while you’re on holiday in this city. Try to find a place near tourist sites you will visit. Look good in the price so you can pay it without problems. .


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