How to go for partying in Barcelona

Catalonia has many things to offer to the world: gastronomy, architecture, painting, sculpture, dance, music, fun and entertainment. These large cultural virtues are concentrated in its capital, Barcelona. Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular tourist cities, and it is famous in general. Who does not want to go for partying in Barcelona?

If you live in some place nearly and you like to enjoy of a city full of history and charm, then you have visit Barcelona. In fact, go for partying in Barcelona can be a great option for those who want to have fun and enjoy your holidays in a place that please everyone.

If you like to have fun in this place you’ll find nightclubs and bars. If you’re quiet, also you can find tourist sites, museums, shops, parks and architectural areas of great charm. There is no person who can find charm in Barcelona.

If you like enjoy of family holidays, to go with your friends, with the couple or as single. If you like go for partying in Barcelona and still you do not know how it do, only you have read this article to discover it.

What do you need for How to go for partying in Barcelona?

  • Money
  • To travel
  • Hostel or hotel

Instructions for How to go for partying in Barcelona

  1. Shoko. If you are tired of go looking for different things, like food, drinks and a fun atmosphere, Shoko is the right place for you. This place is a perfect blend between a restaurant with Mediterranean and Asian themes. Starting from them 12 pm, the place is converted in a nightclub. If you are tired of that in the clubs put always the same music, you will like know that in Shoko the variety of DJ’s and of genres music is bigger.How to go for partying in Barcelona
  2. If you’re a fan of elegance, high quality fashion and distinction, Carpe Diem is your place. Also it is a restaurant with dance music and Japanese and Mediterranean styles. It has an incredible terrace with views to the sea and decorations with Moroccan and Balinese styles. If you think go for partying to this place I recommend you that you put the best and elegant clothes.How to go for partying in Barcelona
  3. If you are looking for is the best music, Opium has a repertoire very varied, tasteful and great DJ’s working there. If you want to have fun on the dance floor, come here.How to go for partying in Barcelona
  4. Moog. Barcelona is famous by its nightclubs, and this place excels by the great amount of visitors, foreigners and national. Moog was opened nearly 20 years ago, and remains at the forefront of the music that was adapted easily to modern times. The music style is electronic and very danceable.How to go for partying in Barcelona
  5. Sala Bikini. If your tastes are more select, this place is ideal for you. It has several halls where you can hear music of different styles. If you do not like the rock, the pop or the electro and you want something simpler, as R & B or Jazz, don’t worry because all musical styles are welcome here.How to go for partying in Barcelona
  6. Razzmatazz. Restaurant, concerts hall, shows and disco. What more you can ask? Entertainment, music, food, dancing and fun in one only place. The reputation of this place is so big that music group as Coldplay and Pumpkins, have touched in this nightclub.How to go for partying in Barcelona
  7. Bling Bling. Is a very luxurious place, ideal for people refined that not have fear to spend money and have fun with class and elegance. This place is very visited by tourists and Catalans because of its popularity and elegance.How to go for partying in Barcelona

Tips for How to go for partying in Barcelona

  • You investigate what hotels are near these places so you can to stay in some of this with comfort.
  • You can have free access in some of these places if you send a request You Barcelona. Also you can investigate what are the free hours, but these options are not always efficient.
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