How to dress to go to a baptism

Baptism is an important celebration. You can’t go a baptism dressed with a tight miniskirt or a neckline. To go to these celebrations you should wear an elegant clothes.

If you are a man, you not must go to a baptism dress with shorts and a shirt, or with the clothing of day previous that not wanted to wash. Although it is not necessary to go disguised. You think that you have to find a way to combine your clothes in the most appropriate way.

To dress to go to a baptism is really easy if you know what clothes to choose and the way of wear it. It is not necessary that you lose your style and personality when you dress to go to a baptism. You can be yourself and look great with what you choose to dress to go to a baptism.

Not matter if you are man or woman, in this post we are going teach you the way of dress to go to a baptism and stop your doubts about the type of clothes use and what type of clothes not use.

Stop your doubts and you read this guide to learn how to dress to go to a baptism.

What do you need for How to dress to go to a baptism?

  • Clothes

Instructions for How to dress to go to a baptism

  1. Start finding out if the celebration will be during the day or if it will be at night. This is important because the same clothing is not worn during the day than during the night. It is best that you use during the day light colours, while at night you must wear dark colours, less striking, and not too showy.How to dress to go to a baptism
  2. If the baptism goes to celebrate during the day, you use clothes with prints if you are woman, and colours bright if you are man. Combines colours for a ceremony during the day. If baptism is celebrated at night, use serious colours, such as gray, dark brown or dark blue. This colours are perfect for men’s clothes to dress to go to a baptism. If you are female you can use colours strong as the dark blue, the red, purple or the black. You can also use dark green.How to dress to go to a baptism
  3. To dress to go to a baptism we must know in season is going to celebrate the baptism. Thinks that we not put the same clothes in winter, in summer, autumn, or spring. In summer yellow colours, such as orange, yellow and green lemon, are perfect for this season. In spring we can use colours such as green, pink, red, yellow, purple, and mix prints. In autumn it is ideal mix the clothes of summer and in winter. You mix colours yellow with colours serious for this season of the year. In winter, the dark colours are the dominant, but you can break with this trend, if you combine clothes in dark colours, with brightly coloured accessories. For example you can wear trousers and a dark grey jacket with an orange or purple shirt.How to dress to go to a baptism
  4. Try your clothes won’t be too striking. Remember that you are in a baptism not at a fashion show. Do not wear designer clothes that you become the central focus. The baptism is a ceremony where the clothes not has so much importance. We should go dressed with simplicity to the baptism. In the case of women, a set of jacket and trousers with a nice shirt may be enough. You don´t wear miniskirts and the necklines. Not is bad that a woman show her body, but this is a baptism, not a nightclub, so you don´t makes use clothes too provocative. You can wear skirts above the knees with a shirt.How to dress to go to a baptism
  5. The same is happens with men. A man has to go simple dress to baptisms. Although the ceremony is colourful, it is not necessary that you wear a tuxedo. It is enough with a simple suit. The type of clothes you are going to use will depend on the formal which is baptism. If the ceremony is formal, men should wear a basic suit. If the ceremony is informal, a man can wear a shirt and a jeans. In informal ceremonies, you don´t wear jacket.How to dress to go to a baptism
  6. You don´t use jewellery. There are women to which them like much used jewellery, but not are attending to a wedding. You don´t need to use many accessories. You don´t use too expensive jewellery. Nor must wear collars very long.
  7. About the shoes to go to a baptism, you do not use too high heels. Simplicity is important. You don´t use sandals. The sandals are for the summer not to go to a baptism. Used shoes without too much heel. You can be comfortable all the time.

Tips for How to dress to go to a baptism

  • Do not use much makeup.
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