How to dress myself if I’m a bridesmaid

Soon will start the time of communions, weddings and baptisms. Although we all know that the protagonist is the bride at weddings, is also important the figure of the bridesmaid. It is a great honor to be bridesmaid and she plays a key role. The bridesmaid is the person who has to have everything under control

In fact, the bridesmaid should be clear her role and her way of dressing. The bridesmaid usually is the person who marks wedding label, and the solemnity of this act will depend on her.

Let’s see the keys and steps to be and dress like a good bridesmaid.


Instructions for How to dress myself if I’m a bridesmaid

  1. In first place as the bridesmaid, you must give a great support to the bride.
  2. Once the bride have clear how will be your dress, if it will be long or short, you can choose your dress. If the bride goes of long, you also must go so, but if the bride chose a dress short, your dress also should be short.
  3. When we know the length for the dress you can choose color. The bridesmaid never must wear white or derivatives, as the bride, as well as the other guests. Ussualy, if the wedding to be of evening is recommended that you choose colors more dark (black, grey, blue dark, etc) but if the wedding is of day is best that you choose colors more clear, (green, salmon, pink…).
  4. It is advisable to the dress of the bridesmaid is at the height of the knee or below it, for daytime wedding, and long for the night. However, although you will be the bridesmaid, you must never lost your own style. You don’t put something you don’t like.
  5. When you know what dress you’re going to get, is hour of thinking in the hair. It is recommended a pamela hat during the day and a headdress for the night, always in keeping with the dress.
  6. Finally you have only to choose the shoes. If the wedding is of day you should take a heels low and discrete, but if the wedding is of afternoon / night you can take heels more high whenever with them put not exceed the height of the boyfriend.

What do you need for How to dress myself if I’m a bridesmaid?

  • Dress
  • Headdress
  • Shoes

Tips for How to dress myself if I’m a bridesmaid

  • Keep in mind the view of the bride
  • Do not change your own style


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