How to disguise the Exorcist girl

When it comes to dress up, and according to the time of year that is, we think in a multitude of costumes. If at this moment you’re looking for ideas for Halloween parties one of the favorite characters of the girls, is the the Exorcist girl costume. This costume is one of the more terrifying that you can choose if your intention is cause fear. The design of this costume is very simple if we think in the clothes. The difficulty is in the makeup.How to disguise the Exorcist girl

As surely you know, this costume comes of 1970 film, The Exorcist, film that has great fame thanks to this terrifying demon girl played by Linda Blair. The best of this costume is that there are others characters very interesting within the film that can serve you as inspiration for you and your friends to do a group costume.

¿Is difficult to disguise the Exorcist girl?

In fact, to make this costume is very simple. The difficulty is found in the makeup. If you are thinking in disguise you as this terrifying girl, your read this post. If you like to find more ideas, fun and frightening, for your next costumes, you can read the next article from misterhows about how to make homemade costumes.

How to disguise the Exorcist girl

Instructions for How to disguise the Exorcist girl

  1. You are looking for the right clothes. This terrifying little girl takes a long, very simple and without drawings nightgown. The typical nightgown that girls wore in the 70’s. You search a nightgown below the knee and a frill or simple detail on the chest. Is better if the neck is closed with a button. Do you remember those nightgowns which use your grandmother? As is precisely this type of nightgown that have that look. If your grandmother and you have the same size, you can ask one that do she don´t use to make your costume. Remember that the not nightgown has of being modern. The film is of the 70´s and your costume should look like that time. If you don´t find a nightgown, you can make it with a bed sheet.How to disguise the Exorcist girl
  2. Pay attention to makeup. This is precisely where the key of this costume are. To give both fear like little Regan (the name of the Exorcist girl). Prepare the base for makeup your face. You need a white creamy base to make the makeup of Exorcist girl. It is important that you use a soft tone, not too white, so then you can easily work on it when you go to make the scars. You extend the base for all face, including the eyes socket and dark circles. This will help unify the color of your skin so then you keep adding other tones.
  3. Make the scars face of the Exorcist girl. You can find prefabricated solutions at costume stores. There you will find scars that you can paste on face and little bottles with fake blood. If you decide to make your own scars, you can learn how to do this in the video you’ll find in the Spanish version of this article.How to disguise the Exorcist girl
  4. Backcomb your hair or buy a wig. Regan is characterized by have a dirty, sticky and much damaged hair. We must think that in the film, the protagonist has been possessed by the demon and spends all her time tied to the bed headboard. To make this with your hair you can use honey, let it dry, and create a kind of backcombs. If you don’t want to damage your, it is best that you buy a long black wig and twist the hair. If your hair is too short, you will have to use to long wig, because the long hair and twister is one of the most representative elements of this costume.How to disguise the Exorcist girl
  5. Search for terrifying colors lenses. To demonstrate that you are possessed by the demon, nothing better that a fantasy lenses that remember to lizard eyes of that have a strange and supernatural color. You can look at the film photos to find more similar lenses. If you want your costume to give more afraid, you can paint your teeth with black color. You use food coloring.How to disguise the Exorcist girl
  6. You wear a comfortable slippers at home but deteriorated. Look for one in any market and spoil them everything that you can. If you are inside a House you can go barefoot or with socks, so the costume is more realistic.

What do you need for How to disguise the Exorcist girl?

  • Typical nightgown that girls wore in the 70’s
  • Makeup
  • Terrifying colors lenses
  • Comfortable slippers

Tips for How to disguise the Exorcist girl

  • You try to imitate the character with the highest possible fidelity, but you think that the most important thing is to have fun you views as you view. Do not forget to enjoy of this fun party with your friends.
  • If you have a boyfriend or a friend you can ask him to do a costume group with you imitating the Father Damien, the Exorcist, which in the film manages to save Regan.How to disguise the Exorcist girl


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