How to choose headdress for weddings

If you are making your wedding we know you have a lot of things to decide, a lot of things to choose, and a lot of thing to buy. And, we also know that you need time and advice to make your wedding as you dreamed it. Choose the dress will have been a big work, it is not easy, most when there are so many options on the shops. Then you’ve had to choose the shoes and other accessories. At we want to help you, we want to teach you and give you some tips so that you know how to choose headdress for weddings. These tips will help you decide on your hair to make it look good with your dress.

The headdress can be an element that goes unnoticed or that it enhance the dress and your hairstyle. Know how to choose it requires to give importance to several things. To choose headdress for weddings depends on your personality. If you like to feel the Queen of the party and that all people contemplates your accessories rather than you, or if you like to be you the protagonist and not your accessories

What do you need for How to choose headdress for weddings?

  • Depending on the hour of the wedding and if you’re the bride or guest: headdress with brilliant stones, tiaras, headbands, simple touches, with flowers…
  • Have the dress and shoes

Instructions for How to choose headdress for weddings

  1. The accessories for hair are more fashionable than ever, both for the guests to a wedding as for the brides. Logically the headdress for guests should not be as important as the bride’s headdress, because in such a case this will look like a competition. A measure of good taste and education when you are invited to a wedding is not wanting to see you more striking than the bride.How to choose headdress for weddings
  2. Another for the wedding premises, for the guests and the brides that will use headdress in the wedding, is that they should feel really comfortable with it. The headdress is an accesory that should enhance the dress, the hairstyle for the wedding and the face of the woman. There are so many options on the shop that you will find yours. Don´t worry.How to choose headdress for weddings
  3. Another question to consider is what type of wedding will be: day, evening, night, in an elegant party hall, in the field, on the beach. All these factors influence when you need to choose the wedding dresses, shoes, accessories and headdress.
  4. There are brides who like the spotlight. These brides choose glamorous dresses and headdresses and she advise how should go dressed the bridesmaid, guests, friends and the family. In these cases we choose a suitable headdress. When you buy them the employees have great experience and they may help you. In addition, if you are accompanied by one or more friends it will be easier and more fun to choose a headdress.
  5. We continue with the tips for the choice of headdress: the time of the wedding is fundamental. If it is spring or summer the ideal materials for you headdress will be raffia or lace. This materials give sensation of freshness. On the other hand if the wedding is in winter you will be use fabrics like velvet, organza or felts. Also the colors must be adapted to the time.How to choose headdress for weddings
  6. If the wedding is a day, the guests can combine their dresses with hats using them with headdresses. Keep in mind that part of the wedding will be held at the Sun and these accessories will protect you. Upon entering the room you must not to remove these accessories. For evening weddings you must not wear hats. You must be replaced this by discrete headdress. For a night wedding you can use bright Bobby pins, brooches and headbands.
  7. The hats are only appropriate for day weddings. On the other hand you can use the headdresses at any time of the day: morning, afternoon or evening. If you like headbands or bright Bobby pins, you should only use them at night. Remember: Brightness is only for the night. If the wedding is in the field you can use flowers headdresses.How to choose headdress for weddings
  8. Your hair. The length of your hair is related to the type of headdress that you can take it. If you’re a bride of short hair you are less likely to vary. You can choose a headband with embedded diamonds which will be very beautiful in your short hair.
  9. Your height. If you’re high you agree headdresses near to the hair and with much volume. If you’re low, you use high and vertical headdresses. You will look much higher.How to choose headdress for weddings
  10. If your hair is short you seek small headdresses and headbands. You can also choose a comb or a beautiful headband: there are a variety of them in stores. You will find headbands with precious stones or simple headbands with flowers. There is also a wide variety of prices.
  11. The hairstyle will be the support of the headdress that you choice. You have two options, or you search first the headdress that combines with the dress, and then you ask the stylist that you design your hairstyle, or you are looking for the hairstyle that you like, you do test hairdresser and you sale to buy the headdress.
  12. Remember that headdress are more used with short dresses. If you use a long dress the best thing to do is use a discrete headdress. This rule also serves to combine the fabric of the dress with the headdress. You may not use a dress and a striking headdress.
  13. In the case of the bride´s headdress, the size also depends on the height of the woman and the wedding style. If you’re low, you have to opt for a design that styling your figure; you look like so high.How to choose headdress for weddings
  14. There are several ways to put the headdresses. If you want to have a mysterious and sophisticated air you have to put it laterally and slightly inclined forward.

Tips for How to choose headdress for weddings

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  • You don´t forget to take your headdress and the shoes for the tests of the dress.
  • You take your time to choose everything that require your wedding, this unique moment, and this must be perfect.
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