How to choose hairstyles for weddings

Now approaching your wedding day. The lounge, ornamentation, food and so many things that you have to think carefully… Ideally is that you hire a specialist in organizing weddings. But you cannot leave to take part in the personal part. Surely you’ve received thousands of tips from people who already got married, from your friends or you family. The dress is the first, and this depending on the season, the place where the wedding will be held and the schedule. Already you have much with that. You find the appropriate shoes, a headdress, a make-up and hairstyle. Everything should be harmonious, and it must like you much and stay well.

In we want to help you to choose hairstyles for weddings taking all things into account: your long and your hair type, your face, the headdress, veil, dress and the height that you and your boyfriend have. No girl wants to wear a hairstyle with a high headdress and a few high heels if her boyfriend is low.

We will give you some tips so that you know how to choose hairstyles for weddings. This not only will serve for your own wedding but also to help to any friend or family.

What do you need for How to choose hairstyles for weddings?

  • Time to organize everything.
  • Friends that go with you to choose the dress. Remember that your personality should prevail.
  • Try on dress, shoes, hairstyles makeup and headdresses. The wedding deserves all your attention.
  • Be sincere with yourself. If something don’t you like, you change it

Instructions for How to choose hairstyles for weddings

  1. Is essential that you know what time and where is celebrate your wedding because the hairstyle will depend of this. A hairstyle for a nighttime wedding is different that a hairstyle for a daytime wedding. Celebrate a wedding on the beach or in the field is not the same.
  2. The nighttime weddings always are very elegant for what you will have to wear the hair semi collected. Of the same way the makeup should be proper for a nighttime wedding. Evening the makeup with shine looks good but daytime makeup must be softer. Makeup test is as important as the hair test.How to choose hairstyles for weddings
  3. You must feel comfortable with the hairstyle you choose. Remember that a style that clash with your personality probably not you is well.
  4. If you wear a simple dress, beautiful but of traditional style, your hairstyle should be high, collected and with a beautiful headdress. And, conversely, if your dress is too much detail, it’s very showy and flashy, the hairstyle should be more sober. Use a semi collected so that the attention focused on the dress.How to choose hairstyles for weddings
  5. The collected hairstyle must adapt to your face, not just the dress. This style of hairstyle is very nice to girls with her face round.
  6. Another important factor is you’ll wear veil or not. You have to look different options of hairstyles with veil and see what options is very beautiful for you. The advice of your stylist is very important.
  7. The loose hair is a less conventional options and less choice, but according to the face that you have is possible that you is best. For example, if you have very pronounced features, in these cases the loose hair and with volume, you will be very well. Remember that the makeup and the hairstyle can soften your factions and highlight your beauty.How to choose hairstyles for weddings
  8. Once you’ve chosen the dress you can buy accessories: earrings, some gem that you want to show off, a family reminder… If you have chosen these accessories you show them to your hairdresser. If you want to choose these accessories at the last moment, do it with confidence because you will surely find the hairstyle more beautiful and harmonious.
  9. If your wedding will be in tomorrow or of afternoon the hairstyles should be more informal. The collected cluttered, braids or floral headdresses will add a touch of ingenuity to your person.
  10. With the semi collected hairstyles you will have your face is look although you take a little hair loose. The more common is wear the side collected and the rest of the hair loose. The braids are precious and give an informality touch.
  11. Your hair, your dress, your headdress, your veil and until your shoes must of like yourself, to the guest and the groom. No matter if is the wedding is formal or is celebrated in the field. That day you will be the more beautiful woman.
  12. You should try that your hairstyle is perfect all the night. Remember that the dance can spoil it. Talk with your stylist and you ask her if is necessary to carry a set of forks and brooches so your hair is impeccable in each both.
  13. If you’re a simple girl who loves the nature, do not hesitate to organize a field wedding with a romantic dress with simple fabrics and embroidered flowers. You get a hairstyle with braids and white floral decorations to show how you really are.How to choose hairstyles for weddings
  14. In our categories for weddings and parties, you’ll find many more tips for this special day.

Tips for How to choose hairstyles for weddings

  • You seek advice with your stylist because it is possible that the hairstyle that you like is not the most suitable for you.
  • Look at many magazines of wedding dresses. In them you will find variety of hairstyles that go well with every dress and type face.
  • You do the hairstyle test with enough time.
  • A general advice: if you do not know what hairstyle that you can wear you opt for the semi collected that is the easier hairstyle to adapt.
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