How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases

Christmas is a Christian celebration where we celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, son of Santa Maria and San Jose. According to the story, Jesus was born at midnight in a crib. Their parents could not be admitted at a posada and a pastor are allowed to use them the barn for the night. Here was where Mary gave birth to the Jesus.

In the middle of the 4th century was established the 25th December as the day that would celebrate the Christmas internationally. Was the Pope July I, who determined this date to unify rites and avoid that was celebrate other pagan festivities. Is by that that today we identify the 25 of December as the day of Christmas.

Today many people think that Christmas day is a celebration for gift-giving or to celebrate the arrival of Santa Claus, excluding sometimes to Jesus Christ, who is the real reason for which is celebrated Christmas.

To give more joy and originality to this holiday season, we want to show you some ways to celebrate Christmas with original phrases.

What do you need for How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases?

  • Creativity

Instructions for How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases

  1. Think of something ironic. This is perfect to celebrate Christmas with original phrases. You will have fun with your occurrences to your friends. This will allow them to enjoy a good moment of laughter, especially if your day has been busy or stressful due to typical activities of Christmas day.How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases
  2. Instead of writing the typical “Merry Christmas!” You can use more original phrases to celebrate this party. For example, you can use love phrases with which demonstrate the importance of the Christmas. The kindness and love that symbolize Christmas have almost disappeared due to the commercial part of this party. The true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten. To celebrate Christmas with original phrases you try to write love phrases “Although for many people the Christmas finish and start today, I will keep in my heart the memory that Christmas is for me and for those who love”How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases
  3. Remember that give encouragement to people who share Christmas with you is important. You don´t use phrases that all the world uses to congratulate the Christmas. You use different phrases for each one of your friends and guest. Avoid using typical phrases of Christmas and tag all your friends on Facebook writing the classic “Merry Christmas.” It also avoids saying the same phrases of Christmas during the toast. You remember the next: say a special phrase to each friend. This will make them feel happier to live Christmas with you.How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases
  4. You tell for each person a phrase that just for her. For example, if the name your friend is Berta, you say “Berta, with you this Christmas is fantastic. I want yow hare with you thee happiness that I have and I hope that you feel the same happiness that causes Christmas in my heart”. The idea is not to repeat the same phrase to another person. These phrases will do unique this Christmas and you will be the most original using your creativity to express what you feel.How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases
  5. Use erotic phrases to celebrate the Christmas. If the Christmas party that you’re going is with your friends, you can use an erotic humor when you make any phrase. It tries to say something sexy friend to which you say the phrase to congratulate Christmas. It is also used for Christmas theme. You say something sexy to your friends to congratulate Christmas. You use also Christmas them. You try to not be very rude or use a language too vulgar. This may disturb to some friend. Be careful to say this phrases in public. This could make feel embarrassed to your friend If you said before the other people.How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases
  6. Remember the love. Although Christmas is a familiar party, you can celebrate Christmas with original phrases also applies to couples. You can write beautiful sentences about the Christmas and the importance of celebrate this date with your couple. You try to write a romantic phrase related to the love that you have for your couple and with the celebration of Christmas. Even you can do most special this celebration if you celebrate only with your partner.How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases
  7. It is also a nice detail that you do original phrases to congratulate Christmas the people that have died. This is perfect to honor their memory. You say a few words where you remember them. Also you can mention the important that they were in your life and so much that you would like to return to celebrate the Christmas day together. You can say: “I know that you’re not here and we will not celebrate Christmas together, but in this date I do not forget you,” Mix in your phrases Christmas references with others that remind the person that has died.How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases

Tips for How to celebrate Christmas with original phrases

  • Learn more about how celebrate Christmas in our main category
  • At best that you write the phrases before Christmas so you have creativity and not feel pressure when the date.
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