How must dress a man to go to a wedding

If we have been invited to a wedding we should dress more appropriately. As each body is different so each suit. There are some suits that are good people and bad others. Thinks that every man’s body is different and the final aspect that will have to wear a suit also.

To go to a wedding a man must know dress. Remember: you can be wrong with a suit but that same suit may well be another man. How to go dress to a wedding, depends on your body and the type of wedding.

Take the time to choose the suit to go to a wedding. It is important to make you well. Read this post to know how must dress a man to go to a wedding

What do you need for How must dress a man to go to a wedding?

  • Clothing

Instructions for How must dress a man to go to a wedding

  1. The bride and groom are the protagonists of the wedding. The guest not should dress with more formality that the groom. Ideally, that men wear a suit. These suits are composed of a jacket, a tie and trousers. Sometimes it is using a waistcoat. It is very important to tie. For very formal weddings there is a formal dinner jacket. This suit has a longer jacket, with a slightly oval and directed back termination. In general, for weddings, this look is complemented with a handkerchief in the pocket or a left upper buttonhole flower.How must dress a man to go to a wedding
  2. The formal dinner jacket is only used when the groom wears it and you’re his best man. The same happens with the frock coat, a suit very similar to the formal dinner jacket. The frock coat is used in very formal celebrations and in general for judicial, diplomatic meetings, or high society. Frock coat is usually wears with bow tie instead of a tie. The front of the jacket is higher than the formal dinner jacket. In addition, jacket is silk lapels and skirts in back are sharp.How must dress a man to go to a wedding
  3. To know what suit should get in a wedding, you must know that type of wedding will be. It is a formal wedding, you wear a formal dinner jacket or a frock coat. If you don’t know how will be the wedding, it is better that you wear a suit.
  4. Use tuxedo if the groom wears it. Remember that your tuxedo must not be more striking than the groom. If the wedding is celebrated at night, you use dark gray or black colors. If the wedding is day you use clear colors.How must dress a man to go to a wedding
  5. Not is necessary to wear a suit of an only color. You can choose a red tie, a light blue jacket, grey trousers, and a black jacket. This kind of combinations is more appropriate for weddings of day. We can wears ties of strong colors that contrast with satin or satin jacket. If you want to use several colors, they must combine so that no color do not call too much attention.How must dress a man to go to a wedding
  6. For weddings of night you wear suits of dark colors that look elegant. The ideal colors for a wedding of night are grey, black, blue or soft purple. In the night weddings the tie not should of be very striking. You can wear a slightly darker than the jacket or pant tie. The same happens with the waistcoat. You don´t use waistcoat in colors too dark or strong.How must dress a man to go to a wedding
  7. When we dress a man to go to a wedding, we must think is your complexion. Fat men should not wear light or bright colors in jacket or pants. It is preferable to use darker colors for these items. You can use bright colors in the thinner parts of your body and dark colors in the most fat.How must dress a man to go to a wedding
  8. If you have belly uses a trousers a little loose. The too-tight pants make fatter waist. You use trousers a little loose and with a lighter colored than the jacket. Use black or other dark colors for the jacket.

Tips for How must dress a man to go to a wedding

Never use a suit that is not size. Suits should not be neither very fair nor very loose.

If you’re not going to wear the costume, you can turn the shirt into a baby dress.

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