How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain

One of the festivities more important in all the world is the mother´s day. And it isn´t strange that this celebration is so important, because the mothers are the fundamental base of the life of all the people. A mother is the person that us gives our life, she takes care us always, she protects us, she educates us, and she works day to day to offer us a good future.

Although the mother´s day is a universal festivities, this celebration is held of different ways around the world. In the most of the countries, especially those where predominates the Christianity, this day is celebrated in the May month. In other countries, however, the date to celebrate the mother’s day is another. The first celebrations of this festivities is back to the ancient Greece, where they are rendered honors to Rea, the Zeus, Hades and Poseidon´s mother.

Although there is no much difference with other countries when mother´s day is celebrated in Spain, there are certain activities that are not made in other places.

If you are interested in knowing how mother´s day is celebrated in Spain, then you read this article to learn more about this unique festivity.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain

What do you need for How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain?

  • Saber un poco sobre las tradiciones del Día de la Madre en España
  • Investigar un poco de historia
  • Hacer algo lindo para tu madre

Instructions for How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain

  1. Unlike other Spanish speaking countries, like Mexico, where the mother’s day is celebrated on May 10, or in Panama, where it is celebrated on 8 may, in Spain, this party is celebrated the first Sunday of the month of May. That does not always have been so. In fact until 1965, the mother’s day was celebrated in Spain on 8 December, in the Inmaculada Concepción day. But, starting from 1965, the mother´s day began to celebrate in mayo. The reason of this change of date is simple: the month May is identified with the Virgin Mary. To the be the Virgin Mary the mother of Jesus, and mayo it is her month, is normally that the countries Christian have decided unify all celebrations around the mothers in this month.
  2. Is usual that in these countries this festivity is held during the first Sunday of the May month. Besides in Spain and in other speaks Hispanic countries, there are many other places where the mothers are honored during the month of May. It is the case of Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland and South Africa.
  3. On this important day the sons and daughters spend time to care for our mothers, to show them our affection and appreciation, to thank them for the years of their life has been devoted to taking care of us. There are many activities that you can do to celebrate this special day. .For example, you can write her a poem, you make her a nice gift, you can plan a meal with her at a restaurant or any fun activity that your mother can enjoy.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain
  4. Give her flowers. All women love the flowers and the mothers are not less. If you want to make her a nice gift, you buy her a bouquet with pink Roses. If your mother is a lover of the plants, you can give her a plant. It will last more time and whenever that she see it, she will remember of you.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain
  5. You take breakfast her in bed. If your mother loves details, for sure that she´ll love that you take breakfast to bed in her day. You cooks the breakfast yourself as a sign of affection and dedication towards her. If your mother is a woman that enjoy eating outside the home, you can invite her to eat at a restaurant. Remember that this is her special day. Your mother should not be cooking or preparing dinner. Today is her day and she should be to decide the menu and her children and husband should prepare it.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain
  6. You make a greeting card to your mother. For mothers and children a little more sentimental, a card where you describe the important thing is your mother for you, is ideal to celebrate mother’s day, especially if the card is made by you. This is a precious gift, very easy to make and very significant. You can make this gifts at any age.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain
  7. You make a nice gift to your mother. To give something nice to our mothers never goes out of style. You looking something that she want to have, and you give away her on this special day. You can give away her a pretty skirt, chocolates that her love, a colony or accessories. Do it yourself if you want the gift even more personal. You can make beautiful felt flowers, a homemade framework with a picture of all the family members, some homemade cookies or a nice snap to she take it in her coats. Take imagination.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain

Tips for How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain

Puedes prepararle un pastel especial a tu madre.How mother´s day is celebrated in Spain

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