How choose the dress for a daytime wedding

When someone invite you a wedding you always ask yourself “what clothing I put?” because you want to be dressed appropriately, without exaggerations and nor too simple. At we give you some tips so that you know how to choose the dress for a daytime wedding. The first thing that you must know is if there is some instruction in the invitation. For example, if you have to go to the wedding with formal dress or informal dress. If the wedding is of day the clothes must be simpler that if it is of night. But also is different if the wedding is celebrate in a party room that in the field or in the beach.

You should not draw attention with the clothes and accessories that you choose. Remember that the protagonist is the bride and secondly the maid of honor. Your clothes should not be more striking. If your dress is most striking, the people think you want to steal the protagonism to the bride. To avoid this, you can find out how will be dresses for them. If the person who is married is a relative or close friend, you won’t have problems in choose the dress for a daytime wedding. But if you have been invited to the wedding of a person you do not know well you should find out more.

What do you need for How choose the dress for a daytime wedding?

  • Two weeks to plan.
  • To know where will celebrate the wedding.

Instructions for How choose the dress for a daytime wedding

  1. Choose your dress with several weeks in advance. You decide the shoes, bag, hairstyle and accessories that you will take. If you choose the dress with time you will know the temperature that will make that day. Remember that the climate changes can make you change of plans.
  2. For a daytime wedding, you choose soft colors, pastel colors, lightweight fabrics and floral designs, always adapting to your personality and your skin tone. You do not use white. Remember that is the bride color.How choose the dress for a daytime wedding
  3. It is more proper to wear a short dress. Long dress is for the bride and the maid of honor and, in some cases, some friends of the bride. The rest of guest will be very pretty with a short dress. You can wear a dress on the knee or slightly more short.
  4. If you don’t like wearing short dress you can wear a silk trousers with high-heeled sandals. You’re very smart. Remember: you don´t wear a long dress.
  5. If you want to buy the dress, you try on a lot of them. You don´t stay with the first that you try on. You don´t have prejudices with short or low-cut dresses. Go to buy the dress with your friends. They will help you.
  6. When you choose the dress you don´t buy fabrics as the woolen or the cotton. Looking for fabrics light as the chiffon, or the silk, more appropriate for a daytime wedding.
  7. Shoes should be high. You choose some shoes that combine with your dress and with the place where it will celebrate the banquet. If it is a party room you won’t have any problem with the fine and very high heels but if it is in a garden or on the beach you will have to choose more comfortable and wider-heeled shoes.
  8. You must take a small bag, simple, without stones or glitters that you place the minimum on it and you take it in hand.How choose the dress for a daytime wedding
  9. When you have chosen the dress you can go find the accessories. A good advice is to take the dress to choose the accessories. Remember that if your dress is simple, and a pastel-colored you can add eye-catching accessories, without shine or stones because is a daytime wedding. If you chose a floral style or a colorful stamping, the accessories should be simpler. You remember that a good jewel looks much more if you use a simple dress.
  10. For a daytime wedding the makeup should be discreet. You use a natural base and soft shadows. You draw your eyes and uses two layers of mask to your lashes. You paint your lips in pink. Remember that in a daytime wedding the glitters are out of place.
  11. You comb with a different style that you use all days. For example, if you have curly hair you make a hairstyle with soft waves or straight hair and if your hair is smooth you do a hairstyle with curls. Remember that hair collected or semi collected is very elegant for a daytime wedding.
  12. Finally if you think to get a headdress, you must make sure that it match with the dress and accessories. For example, if you choose a plain dress you use a headdress that contrast with it. If the dress is stamped the headdress must have a color that is found in the dress. You can combine the headdress with the shoes color. You think that the harmony is very important.
  13. You should put the headdress according to the face´s shape. If you have round face, the headdress will be better at the top, but if your face is elongated you must put the headdress closer to the neck. Hats are going very well for the daytime wedding.How choose the dress for a daytime wedding
  14. In the wedding dresses category you can find much more information.

Tips for How choose the dress for a daytime wedding

  • Find out all about wedding: place, what dress will take the bride, the maid of honor and others invited.
  • If you want to spend little money, you check your party clothes to see if you can transform something or add accessories that they change the look for a dress.
  • In a daytime wedding you don´t war a black or of white dress, you do not use stones bright or sequins.
  • Avoid extremes such as excessively short skirts or necklines too deep. That’s more for a night out than for a daytime wedding.
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