How to organize a Christian wedding

A Christian wedding is a celebration in which two people that are in love, is committed to be together under the approval of its church and according to the rules dictated by the Church. For Christians it is joining with God. For these and many other reasons, know how organize a Christian wedding is very important. In you want to organize a Christian wedding here are the steps to be followed.

Instructions for How to organize a Christian wedding

  1. Before you get married, you must know your couple. Once you are married before God, you cannot divorce you unless the marriage is considered failed. To be able to comply with the marriage, you couple should be good and sincere with you and both must be happy.
  2. Before celebrate a Christian wedding you must visit to the priest of the Church where like that will celebrate your wedding. The priest will evaluate your relationship and he will evaluate if the two are a couple suitable to marry within the terms of the Christian religion.
  3. To organize a Christian wedding, you and your couple must write the wedding vows for the wedding day.
  4. It is also important to learn the oath which the priest will do during the wedding. This will begin with some Christian teachings on marriage.
  5. Both, you and your couple, you should be healthy. Both will be married forever so it is important that you find good of health. A Christian marriage is based on respect for what may not be violence or abuse in marriage.
  6. If you and your husband want to have children you must give them love and support between the two. Having children is not only a woman’s work. Men and women have that put’s his part to support to the family.
  7. Before marrying you looking for a good source of income.How to organize a Christian wedding

What do you need for How to organize a Christian wedding?

A couple

Tips for How to organize a Christian wedding

Before getting married be sure to know your couple or your marriage could end very fast

How to organize a Christian wedding

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