How to organize a civil wedding

The civil wedding is an act in which two people get married in accordance with the law, so that it is an official and recognized marriage. A civil wedding does not require religious authorization.

Instructions for How to organize a civil wedding

  1. The most important thing to organize a civil wedding, is comply the requirements to be able to marry you. The requirements for a civil wedding are the next:
    1. Request a marriage application and a copy of this.
    2. Make an agreement about your property values.
    3. Submit the original, and a photocopy, of your postal address.
    4. If you are divorced, you will need to have the marriage certificate and the divorce certificate. You can access any web page for more information on this last section.
  2. Once you have all the papers, the next step is to decide where you will celebrate the wedding. You can celebrate the civil wedding in court or a notary. In any case, you should ask for appointment for the day that you go to the wedding.
  3. If you want that your civil wedding takes place at home you need to put you in accordance with the notary or judge so to authorize it. Also you will need two witnesses for the ceremony.
  4. If you have less than 16 years, you have to ask permission from your tutors to be able to get legally married.
  5. When you organize your civil wedding, make sure you do it properly. If you hurry to celebrate it and do not meet all the legal requirements you may have troubles.
  6. If you want, you can also get a medical study with your couple to see if you suffer from a genetic disease that your future children can inherit. Not is of more check with these studies that not there is consanguinity between both parties to avoid relations incestuous and malformations genetic in them children.
  7. It is not more to check that between you and your couple there is no consanguinity to avoid incestuous relationships and genetic malformations in your children.
  8. You know your couple well before getting married. A civil wedding is not a game, so you need time to organize a civil wedding and to meet your future spouse. If you do this, you will avoid problems within the marriage or to celebrate the wedding.civil wedding

What do you need for How to organize a civil wedding?

  • A couple
  • An application for marriage

Tips for How to organize a civil wedding

Advise you, read on the internet and find out everything you can about the steps necessary to organize a civil wedding.

civil wedding

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